Blue vs Pink - BAM Edition (PinEvent V2, FizX 3.3)

SS Original Table BAM FizX FP Blue vs Pink - BAM Edition (PinEvent V2, FizX 3.3) 2.1

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Solid State Machines
Blue vs Pink - BAM Edition

Created by: PinWizKid (Brendan Bailey)

BAM Edition, PinEvent V2, and FizX mod by TerryRed

Table version: 2.1 - BAM Edition (PinEvent V2, FizX) (Feb 2024)


Brendan Bailey is one of FP's classic "original" table authors. EVERYTHING on this table was made by him! The layout, art, music, sounds, code. Such an amazing work of passion deserves to be updated to be enjoyed by a new generation of virtual pinball lovers!

I wanted to update to a classic FP "original" table to bring it up to my own modern day BAM standards, add my PinEvent V2 features, and completely update the table with FizX physics. The result is an excellent table that plays great with modern dynamic lighting, shadowmaps, ray cast shadows, and full cabinet support.


This table has been fully updated with FizX for game changing new physics on Future Pinball. The old Future Pinball physics are GONE! FizX uses techniques similar to nFozzy on VPX to completely change the physics for the flippers, slings, rubbers, targets, ball behavior and more that allows this table play much more realistically than anyone ever thought was possible on Future Pinball. You will be amazed at the difference!


PinEvent V2

This table is also updated to fully support PinEvent V2 features (DOF, PUP SSF, PUP DMD). It has modern PUP DMD display options that can work with all setups. With it's crisp HD text and dazzling videos, it's sure to wow everyone who sees it.



For a video preview of the BAM update comparison (before the FizX update), go here:


Original Table by Brendan Bailey:

- table
- art
- animation
- music
- sounds
- script

TerryRed's BAM Edition update:

- added PinEvent V2 support for DOF, PUP SSF, PUP DMD, PUPStream, and a new pup-pack
- new G.I. lighting (dynamic lighting - x4 hidden flashers in lower and upper plastics)
- added drain flasher for accented lighting
- new options for changing G.I lighting colours (dynamic lighting only)
- new BAM post processing
- added shadowmaps to most lights
- added pre-baked shadowmaps (created by BAM) to playfield and plastics texture
- adjusted playfield / plastics / apron, etc texture brightness to better match new lighting
- new 3D model inserts
- new pre-rendered insert textures
- new bump maps for inserts
- disabled glow radius for all inserts
- adjusted brightness of all playfield video textures (what a pain!) to better match new lighting
- added sphere maps to the sides of all plastics
- added new GI on/off code
- adjusted GI on/off brightness for all lights / inserts / playfield videos
- added all new FLEEP sounds for all mechanical actions (flippers, bumpers, slings, drain, etc)
- updated entire table for FizX physics
- added playfield blocker surface to prevent ball from jumping on plastics

Thanks of course to these awesome contributors:

Brendan Bailey (PinWizKid) - created the original Blue vs Pink table in 2009
Schlabber34 - new pre-rendered insert images
FLEEP - new mechanical sounds
JLou - FizX and support
All the FP lads at Pinball Nirvanna for ideas, examples, and support
Nailbuster - Pinup Player and SSF support
Ravarcade - for creating the awesome BAM and providing assistance with BAM features
Chris Leathley - creator of Future Pinball


*** This table is single player only ***


Desktop Static Camera Views
  • during attract mode only, you can press plunger to toggle integrated static desktop camera views
  • if you want to use your own BAM camera settings, or a FP camera view, then you must disable this feature in TABLE OPTIONS in the table script

G.I. colour and Brightness
  • Special key / button 1 = change G.I. colours
  • Special key / button 2 = change G.I. brightness

Second Stage Flippers
  • this table supports second stage flippers for cabinet players with this setup
  • this needs to be enabled in TABLE OPTIONS in the table script
  • ensure that your Second Flippers are setup in FP Control Settings
  • ensure that your Special 1 and Special 2 keys / buttons are NOT the same keys / buttons as Second Flippers! (they are by default)

BAM Ray Cast Ball Shadows:
  • this table was created to look best with the new BAM Ray Cast Ball shadows
  • this feature is ENABLED on the table script by default
  • this feature requires a fast video card, and will use much more of your GPU
  • if the table doesn’t run smooth, then your PC may not be fast enough to handle this feature (and you should disable it)
To disable this feature, you MUST disable it in TABLE OPTIONS (in the table script)

BAM Menu - Light and Post Processing settings:

  • BAM Lighting and Post Processing settings are set by the table script and will ALWAYS override the user's settings
  • this is required to ensure that all lighting is set correctly at all times
  • on this table, you can make changes to the Ambient and Diffusion Lighting in the table script in TABLE OPTIONS

Physics: FizX v3.3


Game not running smooth? Try the following:

  • run FP in Fullscreen, not Windowed
  • disable RayCast Ball Shadows in TABLE OPTIONS (in table script)
  • disable Reflections options in FP's Video / Rendering settings
  • reduce / disable Antialiasing in FP's Video / Rendering settings
  • disable any SSAO options in BAM plugins menu (disabled by default)


TABLE REQUIREMENTS (very important!)
  • all Visual C Runtime updates
  • DirectX
  • Future Pinball
  • the latest BAM update
  • FuturePinball.exe and FPLoader.exe patched for 4 GB access
  • BAM Settings files installed
  • FizX 1K ball model (for more accurate physics, in BAM folder)
  • the REQUIRED “Video / Rendering Options” and “Editor Options” in Future Pinball video settings

All of the above is included with the latest FP and BAM Essentials AIO package!

Super easy to use for a new install, or just to update your existing install. I recommend everyone install this package to ensure you have the latest required BAM updates.


  • PLEASE read the Install Instructions (included with the table's zip file)
  • it shows you how to check what version of BAM you have installed
  • it shows you how to install all the REQUIRED items above
  • it shows you how to easily setup FP and BAM with the REQUIRED settings
It's super easy, and only takes minutes to do!


How to run Future Pinball to play the table
  • PLEASE read the Install Instructions (included with the table's zip file) to know how to properly use FP and BAM



Read the Install Instructions included in the table's zip file. It tells you everything you need to know!


Table MODS
  • please read the Disclaimer in the Install Instructions included with the table
  • please ask me first, as I am still updating this table



screenshot 4.jpg

screenshot 5.jpg
First release
Last update
4.60 star(s) 10 ratings

Latest updates

  1. 2.1 - FizX update and fixes

    - updated FizX physics code (includes some fixes) and physics xml settings - removed flipper...
  2. 2.0 - FizX 3.3

    2.0 - updated table for FizX physics v3.3 (much more efficient with CPU usage) - added FizX...
  3. 1.9

    - table completely updated for FizX v3.2 physics - new Lighting settings in TABLE OPTIONS in the...
  4. 1.8 - FizX physics and Ball Rolling Sound updates and fixes

    1.8 update - updated FizX physics code to change how ball ID's are handled to prevent conflicts...
  5. 1.7 - FizX v2.0 hotfix, settings, profiles, fps changes

    1.7 update - updated to JLou's newest FizX v2.0 code - added JLou's bug fix for ball falling...
  6. 1.6 - HotFix - Ball Sounds Toggle

    1.6 - HotFix - Ball Sounds Toggle - removed an unused command for toggling Ball Sounds
  7. 1.6 - FizX v2.0 and new FLEEP sounds

    1.6 update - updated table and physics to FizX v2.0 (now use 1K ball model zip file) - updated...
  8. 1.5 - proper version

    DOH! I uploaded the wrong table file! The previous 1.5 table had the wrong wireramp enders for...
  9. 1.5 update - FizX 1.12 and other fixes

    1.5 update - added ramp enders to upper wireramps to prevent ball from flying off flippers -...
  10. 1.4 - FizX physics update

    1.4 update - updated entire table for FizX physics - added new ball save (20 secs on new ball...

Latest reviews

Superbe vidéo, je m'en vais essayer cette superbe table. MERCI!
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Thank you! Your PinEvent2 updates really bring these great tables to life.
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Another HOME RUN!
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It is beautiful and original.
and with only 2 days work only worth of updates!
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