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Support File shivaEngine2 2020-01-28

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*** About shivaEngine2 ***
Based on the shivaEngine2 system for Visual Pinball
Visual Pinball by Randy Davis and Black
shivaEngine2 by shiva
Primer written by shiva

shivaEngine2 is a game engine intended for use with Visual Pinball Beta 6.0 and above. Though there are other game engines available, shivaEngine2 is aimed at supplying beginners and intermediate users with a flexible, easy to use, and very powerful backbone to run your pinball game table. SE2 is designed around the styles and capabilities of the 1977 to 86 Williams Electronics games, and can be used for translations of the Williams games, as well as give a professional look to original creations. The original shivaEngine is a more basic system, and is included with the full install of Visual Pinball, as one of the 2 example tables. The file name is "tutorial.vpt", and it's encouraged that you look and review that table first.

*** Credits and Copyright ***

SE2 is based on shivaEngine Build 1_8, released in January 2002 and written by shiva and Cold1, with additional thanks to Destruk, Black, 4Eyes, and various other authors for code used within the script. shivaengine was part of the full Visual Pinball install for 15 years, and a sample table was one of two games included. Some examples were taken from other test scripts, with their authors un credited in that script. Credits for the original shivaEngine can be found with the FULL version of shivaEngine, which includes files, tutorials and documents

shivaEngine2 was written by shiva, and is based on code from various private sources, as well as code examples from public domain material, and inspiration from countless other tables.

The official site for shivaEngine is http://www.shivasite.com (shivasite.com - contact with domain owner | Epik.com), and any updates or additions to shivaEngine2 will be made available there. shivaEngine2 is made available free for use, but under the following conditions as set by the end user agreement, as stated in the license.txt file included with the documentation. shivaEngine2 may not be included with any bundled package or commercial web site, nor can it be redistributed by any 3rd party without the express written permission of the author. Any credit information included within the table or the script must be included, and any distribution of tables that use shivaEngine2 code must be made available at absolutely no cost, with no charges including postage. shivaEngine2 is free to use by all, if you have been charged for use of this product by a third party, please contact the author directly

*** shivaEngine2 Features ***

Based on shivaEngine, so nearly all the former features are included, including 4 player scoring, and other featured scoring like extra balls, special etc. Please refer to the original shivaEngine version, or the light version included with the last release of Visual Pinball. Most of the original code has been either heavily modified, or completely rewritten to take advantage of the new features contained within shivaEngine2. Included with this template version of shivaEngine2 is a table template, which contains the main table code found in the Visual Pinball script editor, and the shivaEngine2.vps external file, which is the main logic engine. You must include this vps file in the same folder as the template table, or any other table that uses shivaEngine2.

Basic Features (In common with the original shivaEngine)

Four player support
3 set goals, plus high score
Light Attract system
bonus countdown
Extra ball, special routines
Debug keys built in
Adjustable balls in play
Adjustable match system
Bonus up to 159, multipliers up to 15 (adjustable by user)
Load and save game
Backglass lights and routines built in
First release
Last update
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