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Star Light (Williams, 1984) VP9

VP9 Williams SS Recreation Star Light (Williams, 1984) VP9 v2.1 VP9 FIX 2020-01-28

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Star Light (Williams, 1984) VP9 v2.1 VP9 FIX
by Gaston, Kristian, Destruk
IPD No. 2362

"Your future is in the stars! ...and it's shining brightly!"

Widened the "loop" walls so the ball fits in VP9. Fixed the plunger lane transparent issue.
Thanks to Imhotep for the ROMS.
Thanks to Guru for the hires flyer scan.


Spelling S-T-A-R lights the eject hole lits the lock and scores 10.000 for each constellation lit. Speliing L-I-G-H-T scores 5.000 or scores 5.000 and advances the lit value from 10.000, 30.000, 50.000 and 100.000 and lights eject for extra ball.

Eject awards 3.000 points for every star lit. Spelling L-I-G-H-T also lights the spinner for 1.000 the first time and 2.000 every time after that when flashing.

Spelling S-T-A-R-L-I-G-H-T lights the right lane for bonus holdover. Lighting the bonus holdover on the last ball awards a bonus time of 1 second for each star lit and 10 seconds for each constellation lit.

During 2-ball multiball play, all scores are doubled.
Design by: Barry Oursler
Art by: L. Blazek, Tom Smeltzer

(flyer, front & back)​
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