Star Trek xse (Bally 1979)

Bally SS Recreation BAM FP Star Trek xse (Bally 1979) v1.3 2020-01-28

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Star Trek xse (Bally 1979) by Shiva
IPD No. 2355

After 3 years, a update to Star Trek xse. Version 1.3, this features updates to the flippers (version 2) new physics and game play, and some special additions including a new lens and bulb effect with ball interaction, better backglass etc

This uses BAM, and was done with the 2.5 exe. The xml file is included, it is the 2.5 xml with a "few" modifications, mostly to set up better more natural shots, and a couple weirder settings that seemed to work better.

Hope everyone enjoys playing it as much as I enjoyed doing it. Any comments on the new things, as well as bug reports are appreciated, as I like to fine tune things and work out any kinks in the newer stuff. Please read this entire thread, the readme, and the actual FP manual first.

It should be at Pinsimdb shortly, but it's a little goofy sometimes. Awaiting admin approval there, in the meanwhile, you can grab it at Pinball Nirvana as well.

Version 1.2 - August 16, 2013
Version 1.3 - Oct 28, 2016
- Table/build/graphics/modifications by blue
- Script/sounds By Popotte 25/01/2008
- Custom models by francisco666 and Polygame
- Thanks to BC57 for the pics and his kindness
- Thanks to Minh Tan for splash screen image
- Thanks to all the other authors for their versions of this bally classic.
- Available at, as well as Pinball Nirvana and VPUniverse

*** Keys ***
You can toggle (by the toggle HUD key) the HUD reel.
Access to the dip switches menu by the Special2Key.(set as the ' key by default) for adjustments (amount of balls/liberal-conservative settings etc)
Speed up the bonus count by pressing both flippers

*** Instructions ***
This new version was made specifically for use with Better Arcade Mode (BAM) and uses SlamTilits 2.5 xml file as a base. If you do not use BAM, It may work fine as a standalone exe, but hit is recommended to use the FP 2.5. exe. Other physics exe may not work as intended. Please read the Manual included with FP about adjusting plungers/kickers etc if you should have any problems if you use a different FP exe.

The object was to ignore trying to get FP to have perfect physics (which is impossible, we have been trying for 6 years) but instead just concentrate on getting FP to play as fun as possible. Though every effort, and trick in the book, was used, it's still FP after all, and well, you can't turn crap into gold.

You can download BAM here:,16 ( - Download)

If you are new to Future Pinball, or have any problems, a help file is here: ( • View topic - Help for New Members / Setting Up Future Pinball)

If you do not have BAM installed with Future Pinball (real easy actually) then there is a great help file here at: ( • View topic - Step-By-Step Instructions for Installation of BAM)

*** Rules ***
* making b-a-l-l-y scores and advances lit values
* all targets down scores 5,000 points. 1st time lites 2x bonus.
2st time lites 3x bonus.
3rd and each additional time scores special.
* top roll-over buttons and bottom ball return lanes score and advance hyper space values.
* outlanes special - lites when bally special is lit.
* ball thru outlane when lit for special scores 1 replay.
* ball thru warp speed lane scores bonus.
* maximum 1 extra ball per ball in play.
* tilt penalty - ball in play.

*** Version 1.3 ***
- Released Oct 2016
- Intended for use with Better Arcade Mode (BAM). Best non-Bam exe: Slamtilts 2.5 physics. BAM XML physics file uses 2.5 physics with modifications.
- Version 2 of my flipper technique, for far better range and speed. Slight modifications to this as opposed to Playboy, with a more center based setup. This uses triggers as well, so the small hidden flippers will only work when the ball is over the trigger. This prevents "mishits" and interference with ball movement
- Modified physics, better speed with coils, far more bounce and more polished gameplay. Outlanes more closed, flippers closer together for longer play. game still plays like the Bitch it actually is in real life.
- New 3 stage variable slingshot effect
- New Lens lighting and halo effect, with ball interaction
- New basic bulb lighting effect with ball interaction at certain spots
- Fixed some known "fp" problems with gates etc, layout changes and massaging to prevent drains except.... Try not to hit the center target unless you have to. Standard Bally drain shot, Paragon does the same. I modified it a bit so it doesn't drain as much, but it still does.
- Modified the pf image, fixed the dirty edges around lens lights. Recolored some things
- Backglass now has better lighting, no pinhole light effect. Also I moved some lights around for better effect, and added lights for player display/tilt/credits etc

*** Changes (version 1.2) ***
( Please go to this thread for full changes: ( • View topic - Star Trek xse V1.2) )
-New graphics, made to give the table a lighter appearance that the original. main images replaced, new images redone and recolored.
-New models used
- New Double lighting affect on the plastics. (Found on Layer 1)
- Layout modified based on new play field and plastics.
- Modified shaped physics were adjusted, and added to.
- Heavy flipper effect, using a wall to add a more stable surface to the flipper, and change the angle that the ball will hit the flipper.
- Heavy Drop Targets
- Hyperspace rule changed for the upper loop, there is now a timer that prevents scoring hyperspace twice in one shot if you go through the top loop
- User Key Change - Holding both Flippers keys down will now cause the bonus countdown to greatly speed up, as the stock Bally settings were very slow.
- Lots of changes for presentation of the table, and polish, including minor script changes.
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    3. "The Wheels on the Bus" - a fun and funky remix for adults, with a catchy beat and new verses about the daily commute.

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    2. Rockabye Baby! - This series of albums feature lullaby renditions of popular rock and pop songs, including nursery rhymes, that are perfect for both children and adults to enjoy.

    3. The Nursery Rhymes - A band that specializes in creating modern and edgy versions of classic nursery rhymes, appealing to both kids and adults with their catchy tunes.

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