(mis)Adventures in Cooking

I get hungry every time I read this section! 🥞🥓🥩🍗🍖🌭🍔🍟🍕🥪🌮🫔
No Scurvy for YAR...

Plenty of lime to season this haul!


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LMAO... I prolly would have 'nommed' that this past week!

Seriously, this past week or two has been super-weird, at least for me. I've absolutely *craved* meat for some reason, and have pretty much just gone with the flow, every day racking up victims of pork, beef, chicken and... probably rodent, or whatever they sneak in to those alleged 'breakfast patties.'

Now, I've heard the idea that sometimes when you really CRAVE a food, assuming you're not pregnant which I don't think I am, it's because that food contains some nutrient / vitamin / amino acid that your body is really short on at the time.

For example, over twenty years ago, out of the blue I absolutely *craved* citrus fruit for some reason. So that's what I did, i.e. buying them and juicing those bad boys every morning for a couple weeks. My towering GF at the time (she was 6' to my 5'8") advised that it was understandable under certain conditions, i.e. extreme vitamin C shortage.

Yaaar, matey! (get it, ye scurvy dog?)
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