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Jun 23, 2003
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Ok guys. Let's get relaxed here... post pics of the hottest female celebrities. Now I'll start... this chick is Adrienne Frantz. She's acting in a completely embarrassing soap opera called "Bold and beautiful". She can't really act but blondes like her don't have to...

She's the only reason I'm watching that crap occasionally.

PS: PacDude you can post pics of Tori Amos now.




Geeze there's a 40+ latino girl at work that's 5x hotter looking than her....
Whatever turns you on... 40+ latino girls are not my type. I prefer young blondes.
I've got to tell you, I saw Briget Jones Diary a few weeks ago, and Renee Zelweger really caught my eye. I liked the character she played, and I've always preferred women who looked like women, and not bean poles. But in her day, no woman alive could come close to Jane Seymore IMNSHO. Keep in mind that a guy a week or so from being 59 looks at women differently than a horny younger guy.

Right this minute I'm working on the set of 'Ghost Whisperer' and could be standing right next to Jennifer Love Hewitt if I felt like it. Instead I'm here on the camera truck typing this message to all of you. How sad is that?!

Anyway, since this thread is about sexy celebs, thought I might throw her name into the hat and brag that she looks pretty damn good in person too. The girl knows how to swivel dem hips I tells ya!
there's millions of hot women out there- i can't even remember most of their names, altho yes, hewitt and zellwegger are really fine. myself, i'm really into "the girl next door" look and the "earthy" look so maura tierney from "newsradio" and ganeene garofallo (sp?) from SNL would be some examples of the former. btw there's a tonne of great celeb pics (some of them very saucy, at MINOVIA).

actually i really enjoy seeing people who are built up to be godly brought back down to earth a little (i.e. celebs without makeup). in the attachment i can recognise 1,2,5,6 but have no clue who 3 & 4 are.


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4 is that girl that played Wednesday on the Addams Family movies (Christina Ricci). I'm not sure those comparisons are real either, though. Sometimes they use "look alikes" for the "no makeup" shots and it's not the person in question at all. The one of Drew Barrymore doesn't look that bad so it probably is her. I"ve seen a real shot of Cameron Diaz without makup and it's actually scarier. She didn't have some scabby acne problem (that looks fake) but rather she looked like her brother.... LOL. She looks like a guy without makeup. Hell she looks like a guy with makeup half the time, IMO. I'm not much of a Cameron Diaz fan.

I am more impressed with girls that look good without makeup than ones that look good with it, though. There was a lady where I used to work that rarely wore makeup and she was very cute. She came in one day WITH heavy makeup on and I didn't like it. She looked like a whore. ;)

That married girl I was infatuated with did need mascara because her eyelashes and eyebrows were blond (she was a real blond) and it was so light colored you couldn't hardly see them and so it looked like she had no eyebrows or eyelashes unless she wore mascara and darkened her eyebrows a bit. When she did, she was absolutely stunning looking. So sometimes it doesn't take much.

Now that Linda Stouffer anchor on CNN...she's fracking HOT.
Who doesn't like Carmen Electra? :)


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Yeah, I think Carmen may be the hottest chick on the planet. I always liked Mariah Carey too.
Mariah Carey? No, never. I think she's so mini, you wouldn't notice her standing right in front of you even if you were the actor of rambo. :lol:

Edit: I meant Sylvester Stallone, his name didn't come in mind.
Is Mariah packing a few extra pounds lately or she just gaining those womanly curves? She looks good though.

Pacdude said:
Yeah, I think Carmen may be the hottest chick on the planet. I always liked Mariah Carey too.
I always thought Mariah was curvy. I like big butts and I cannot lie, you other brothers can't deny....

Mini? I never thought there was anything "mini" about Mariah Carey. She's packing on both ends. Cindy Crawford was always a favorite of mine too. She's got the goods in the back also. :twisted:
Butts... tits... yeah they're nice but the FACE is the most important thing for me. I don't care if a woman has small(ish) tits if she's just BEAUTIFUL... Naomi Watts. She looks a lot like my current girlfriend... she's intelligent, classy and beautiful to me... I'll take a cute "girl next door" over a silicone bitch any day... I don't even know if Naomi Watts has big or small tits... I couldn't care less... I've had enough of night club plastic bitches with empty brains...

Hey since y'all like ugly brown dykes so much, add this 1 2 the ranking...


Hey I suppose if she got fake tits & bleached her hair & the jews put her in some movies U would worship her soon enough :D

I'd say 4 gun chicks this is a more desirable target...


I hope some day computers will get advanced enough 2 make movies we want 2 C - with hot people instead of all the turds on screen - computer generated idealized hotties. Maybe even programs 2 4 instance remove trash like Jolie & insert McAndrew? That would B rad :D

What the hell M I saying - just kill all the jews & movies will have pretty people in them again like back in the old days :twisted: They just shove that sh*t in your faces trying 2 convince U 2 breed down. "Oh she's famous she must B pretty as well" NOT!!! MTV woo hoo! Hey by the way Mr. Shark, go ahead & post a pic of yourself already. Maybe get a pic of your girl as well so we can judge her :) Meat market - woo hoo! Fun fun fun!
That's not a gun, this is a gun! :p


and don't even think about knives...... :mrgreen:

Ha ha! :D But she can't carry it n' pose with it, & she's dressed like sh*t :p

I have a plan - since U can't block bullets from machines like that N E way, may as well strip down & dress in bikinis 4 battle. Now that would B something 2 enhance recruitment! They should only fight after sunset, or B 4 sunrise - so as 2 avoid sunburn. Baked girls R gross.

Oh U can also throw all the fat or ugly people on the front lines first - rank them by order of attractiveness - that way U can do some eugenics while U R busy stealing nations! :D No more reporting - just get those numbers up - grease the rails of that conquest train with the blood of foul the Wal Mart masses heh heh heh :twisted:

What is the second 1 - a sword or a gun? Reminds me of that 'Luxan' weapon from the Farscape Series (hot show if U wana' know)
Neptune... you had to come here and ruin yet another good thread...

Say Neptune...that brings up a question....if you can afford the time to post 'round these parts'... how is the company that employs you..... turning enough of a profit to "pay you great"? Or is this Kindergarten's "Imagination Time", and you simply can't sit still long enough to watch the Barney video? :D

Get a life......take your 15 euro and rent a brain into the bargain... :spam:
More hypocrisy from the dork I wager. I guess U think I bother reading your sh*t Mr. Shark? Post your pic & I might :) Here's something pretty 2 fill the space below (unlike your probably ugly-as-ass mug)

Hey Neptune, first you claim you're macho, and then you start begging Kristian to post a picture of himself. I think you're showing your real leanings there. We've seen a photo of Kristian and he's a lot more macho looking than you are wimp. He's a former hockey player, so you might want to tone down your posts to him or you might need the services of a dentist.

Wow that's a really silly design 4 a sword Mr. Hell :) I'd go with a broadsword or whatever instead - I wager the impact would give 2 much 2 B of much penetration.

As 4 Mr. Cat, how 'bout U post the pic of Mr. Shark 4 me, as well as a pic of yourself - & not some baby pic like Mr. Hell. I wanna' C the product of what 12 drug addictions does 2 a man LOL WTF R U doin' 2 ya'self dewd?

Let me guess, Mr. Shark posted a pic of himself in hockey garb with his missing teeth from High School? That I must C! :D

How typical of U 2 claim I am 'attempting' 2 B 'macho'. I don't equate my worth with yours. If U (or Mr. Shark) R handsome, I'll say it. Mr. Shark has sh*t 4 brains however. U R smarter, but U R 2 bitter 4 your own good - every time I C U all U R doing is bitching. I'd B into conversation, but U guys seek me out like some kind of magnet 2 prop yourselves up by insulting me or something - it's pretty pathetic really. It's like U R thinking if U abuse me I will leave from sadness, but really I just get bored with your lame asses - rather like U wanna' keep a good 5' between U and the retard at the bus stop - I don't care 2 acquire your stink or B associated with the insane repetitious mumblings. (everybody watch how these bozos will now just call me 'the retard' instead of coming up with their own unique narritive). Come up with something new 2 say 4 a change. B unique! B happy! Get a grip, man :) Take a lesson from Mr. Hell 4 instance - he's interesting.
@mister trident,
how do you turn a thread devoted to sexy women into a flamefest against jews, "brownskins" and fat people? how could you leave out gays, mormons and white trash?

oh okay, nevermind.

kudos- you're a more tolerant man than i am. :)
nicolas.b said:
@mister trident,
how do you turn a thread devoted to sexy women into a flamefest against jews, "brownskins" and fat people? how could you leave out gays, mormons and white trash?

oh okay, nevermind.

kudos- you're a more tolerant man than i am. :)

Nic, the staff has come to the decison that if Neptune wants to look and act like a bigoted fool that he should have that right. Besides, I think that our members have more than enough common sense to disregard most if not all of Neptune's comments as completely and utterly incorrect. Since he has belittled nearly any and every person or group of persons his muckracking has lost most of its bite. Now if it was entirely and only my decision . . .

@Neptune: Isn't there a high-voltage power point somewhere.... close by that you can plug your tongue into?

PS: I agree with Bob... you look like a girly-boy...

You must be on your monthly cycle... you're certainly acting like it. What's wrong? Are your high heels pinching just a little too tightly? Afraid of taking that 1st step outside in your new dress and hairdo......asking yourself a.." did I shave my legs properly"?......"will they notice my 5'0'clock shadow"?......."when oh when will they notify me of my operation date?"...

PS: If there was a Pandora's Box of stupidity, you would be its entire contents. :p
Hey Mr. Shark, Lookin' forward 2 reading whatcha' say if U post a pic. Until then I simply scroll past. Meanwhile, enjoy this bit of groovyness...

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