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Pacdude said:
The mere fact Neptune thinks I'm a "spic" proves how utterly stupid he is. I'm probably whiter than he is but I don't make abstract generalizations about genetics. There are black people that are geniuses and white people that are idiots (like Neptune). The whole point of racism is making generalizations about a particular community, nationality or group. I look at individuals, not skin colors. Intelligence is certainly not the only desirable attribute to have to begin with in this world. Intelligence without wisdom is useless anyway.

The major problem with Neptune is that he lacks not only intelligence and wisdom but also common sense. The only race I see as being inferior is the race of Neptune, a one person race of idiotic claptrap.

I deal in facts. Just cuz U don't like facts, & prefer BS propaganda, doesnt' mean I should stop posting facts.

Tell me Sporkboy, these facts you deal in, who taught you them? You say we are all brainwashed, but what makes you immune? Tell ya what, I'm gonna use your definition of fact to lay out a couple of my own...

Your parents obviously did a number on you, but which did you enjoy more? Was it having dad put his cock in your mouth or mom urinating on your face? Don't deny what you know is fact! Tell us all the truth.

Why is it that on your myspace sight, all the goth chicks are in full bondage gear, and all of their friends are in fetish wear too, yet you sit there looking like some piece of Eurotrash from 'A Night At the Roxbury' in your gay little pleather jacket? Fact is, you're nothing but a poser, a simple minded clown that can only latch on to what he thinks is cool, but can't commit to it fully. How many gallons of cologn do you have to wear to hide the putrid stink of failure that surrounds you by the way?

Fact: you linked a song from Bowie, yet isn't he married to a black supermodel? And isn't it well known that he used to go spelunking in Mick Jaggers ass? Most of your myspace friends are stated as being bi, something the goth/fetish community (of which you claim *poser* to be a part of) is very accepting of. So I guess the fact is you like taking a large BLACK latex covered cock up your ass. Who knew! Well, that answers the question of liking mom or dad best.

Since the moon landing is fake in your book, does that mean Elvis is alive, that Kennedy wasn't assasinated, and that wrestling is real? Gee, I guess since I learned in SCHOOL from a BOOK 2+2=4, I shouldn't really believe it since the masses are brainwashed in such a manner. So tell me Spork, what is the real answer? I think the fact is, you get all your facts from the Weekly World News.

Here's another fact for you: Asshat is a very American slang term. So is dickless wonder, cunt face, and fucktard. Take your choice, cause anyone of those would apply to you perfectly. That's the truth, don't deny it!

The way you constantly say you've done the research and know the real truth...I swear I've heard that argument before...where was that? Oh yeah! Tom Cruise was spouting that same logic against Matt Lower! So what level clear in Scientology are you? Did the free personality test booth prove to hard to pass up while you were cruising Santa Monica Boulevard for some sweet tranny lovin'? You know you like to live it up in the Celebrity center, learning all kinds of sci-fi goodness about the little aliens living in your body, and how you need to be cleansed.

Here's one more fact for ya. You have contributed absolutely zero to the human race, which is why you like to lump yourself in with the 'whites', to bask in their lorals. Call yourself what you really are, a poser. I can't even call you racist anymore cause that'd be an insult to other racists. You're nothing more than a parrot, repeating whatever is spoonfed to you through alternative lifestyle publications, never stopping once to think for yourself.

I'm all for having playful debates with someone that wants to play devil's advocate. Unfortunately you are incapable of even being in the same league as a couple of 2nd graders debating the merits of Transformers vs. Go-bots.

MEET MY CHALLENGE, SPORKBOY. Show you actually have some semblence of a brain. Type complete sentences without abbreviations. Your excuse of typing fast and being a poor speller is just that, an excuse that I won't accept. As the saying goes, 'excuses are like assholes, everyone's got one', and yours is filled with your dad's cock. Complete sentences, no abbreviations, and no racial slurs.

You can't do it though, can you? That's the real fact. You are completely incapable of meeting even the most basic challenge. Take your own damn suicide pill (that you have to advertise using a female avatar/identity on myspace, and then comment on using your 'Peter' identity :roll: )

Last thing. Your comment about liking young girls and how that's acceptable in certain like kiddie porn, don't you! You like young girls cause they remind you of little boys, and you are just trying to be like your rapist dad, aren't you! Go on, admit the truth. I'm sure the FBI would love to take down another kiddie smut peddler. Course, that's what you're hoping for, so that you can get sent to prison and enjoy your new 6'5" 350lb black cellmate named bubba and his 12" friend.

Hope you brought your lube! :(
[pity Asshat ascribes to bondage and fetish - he's giving it a bad name! Nothing wrong with that sort of thing in a consensual context!. Ah, well, Asshats will be Asshats.]

To anyone else here, ALL of whom are of at least decent character, forgive me if my +3 Red Pen of Correction springs out unbidden. this happens now and again.


1. Friebus: Laurels (however, your frustration does show through and it's quite understandable when dealing with ah Asshat), not "lorals". Nuff said. Sorry for being anal.

2. Asshat keeps misspelling "ad hominem". You'd think that having the connection to "the white half of the Roman Empire" -- of which the chief language was LATIN (ahem!) -- he'd have figured this one out AND figured out what it really means.


Pac, I also want to thank you publically for your criticisms and assistance on my projects. Constructive criticism is always welcome, especially coming from someone with whom I've obviously had some excessively differing points of view. :).

Far as Our Favourite Asshat-Flavoured Spork goes (I swear, Friebus, I'm NEVER gonna see a spork the same way again -- I may avoid Taco Bell forever now!), if the poll is any indication, I don't worry about him -- he'll be gone for the Gregorian New Year.

Happy Solstikwamadanzukkas!
Dammit Greywolf, way to knock me off my soapbox! Hehehe. I knew that one didn't look right as I typed it, but oh well. Sporkboy probably needs things spelled out phonetically anyways.

Oh, and Del Taco is better than Taco Bell, so just make that switch (so long as those exist in your neck of the woods that is).
Yeah, we have Del Taco...but we also have a Chipotle downtown, so we usually go there instead (although I don't care much for Chipotle's rice -- needs sauce).

"But I digress."

I have to laugh at it all right now just because. I must note that Asshat thinks I'm talking to him directly; I don't know where he gets that absurd notion. Someone like this is much more fun to talk about behind its back in front of it.

And, Friebus, lissen, son, ya shouldn't ah say ya shouldn't fall off your soapbox like that. People will think you're intoxicated -- Pay attention, son, this is important... :)

[helps Friebus back onto his soapbox]. Take it away, son.
Well shit. Due to Sporkboy getting banned it looks like I got the last word in. Don't know how I feel about that :blahblah:

Back to the topic at hand though...

Don't know what the Disney companies thoughts were of their Princess Diaries star showing up to a red carpet like this, but I know I don't mind!


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Please guys, bad enough we only have kinsey around here to begin with...but this puts us well on the way to becoming just another "male nerd" pasttime. (Not that I mind the pics!)
Actually tudnut as usual you assume too much, as I recall Kinsey rather likes the same sex. :mrgreen:

Oh, btw this is a junkyard full of.....;)
Here's one for kristian. ;)

Agnes Buckner, huh? Never heard of her but she's lovely...

Thanks Steve, it made my day. ;)
My apologies as far as my assumptions go to Kinsey. I certainly didn't mean any disrespect.
Hopefully she has one hell of a sense of humor, though! lol!
Luckily she'll never see this thread, so you're safe. At least unless I e-mail her what you said, :roll:

How about Gina Gershon then? I usually don't like women who look "bitchy" but she's kinda hot.

This is a Finnish singer Anna Eriksson. A girl for my taste... her music is absolutely horrible... but you can always turn off the volume when she's performing on TV.



PS could actually move this back to "Back Fence" now.
Come on guys... what happened to this thread? Post some hot bimbos... it's getting boring here...
rpbizzle47 said:
Maybe I could post a pic of my mother!

Ron, given the name and nature of this thread, I don't think this was a good post by you. If people begin making comments you find offensive, it'll be your fault. You don't need to transplate problems at other forums to here.
Somebody bump this thread with no pic? Shame on you.
@rpbizzle:My 'insults' against your "mother" are entirely in your head......bouncing around in the void that is obviously there......'cos...if you think getting into a war of words with going to make YOU look good......YOU best think again......I've been here 5 years.....seen the ups and downs of VPFF......traded flames with all the arseholes......and I've lost to no-one........but you keep going.....and I'll set your ass on fire......and the only way it'll be put it out is from the draught when you close the door on the way out.....and your undignified exit....!

Your choice.
I remember U.
Mr. Shark.
LOL Post a pic of yourself man.

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