Babe Ruth Baseball (Arcade Marble & Baseball Game, 20's-30's) VP9

VP9 Flipperless Recreation Babe Ruth Baseball (Arcade Marble & Baseball Game, 20's-30's) VP9 v2.0 2020-01-28

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By tiltjlp & druadic for VP9.

A better image allowed me to implement correct scoring in this update for VP9. Once again, druadic helped to sort out scripting problems I had, so I have credited him with co-authorship. Press F1 for a 2 inning mini game or S for a full 9 inning game.

Arcade Marble Baseball probably was a very big seller, since the player shown is Babe Ruth, watching the ball had had just clobbered flying over the fence for a Home Run. Something most people forget is that Babe was a top notch pitcher, but his "home run swing" was more valuable to every team he played for, since Ruth played in what was called the Dead Ball Era.

Arcade Marble Baseball, or Babe Ruth Baseball as it's most often called, is a well designed bagatelle, with 7 Out cups scattered around the playfield, and only 4 larger scoring cups, where the bases and the pitching mound are located. There is a row of point cups across the bottom of the game, which record balls, strikes, and fouls.

The game not only tracks your pinball score, but also your baseball game stats, except for runs. Thanks to druadic for his help getting some of the stats to track correctly, and for getting the proper sounds to play when they should. As youfll notice, a somewhat disinterested umpire calls balls and strikes. The older VP8 version with its poorer quality image and resulting incorrect scoring is still available.
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