Sweetheart Double (Houston Showcase, 1933) VP9

VP9 Flipperless Recreation Sweetheart Double (Houston Showcase, 1933) VP9 v1.0 2020-01-28

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By tiltjlp for VP9.
IPD No. 2480

One of only a small number of Double tables known to have been made. Very few images exist. Read Table Information for game history or to review rules. Tables can be played alone or together.

Thanks to Rascal, Al Rubin, for implementing the random green ball/double score routine, and for helping me get both games playing correctly when played at the same time. There are three possible Free Play opportunities on each table, which award 2 balls if hit with a green ball, but only 1 ball otherwise.

The tables play exactly as built, with one exception. If both scores match, either when played separately or both at the same time, both scores double. To reduce the chance of that happening, I have allowed for each pin hit to score 4 points.

Manufacturer: Houston Showcase and Manufacturing Company, of Houston, Texas, USA (1932-1933)
Type: Pure Mechanical (PM)

Notable Features: 20 balls for 5 cents (10 balls for each player).

Lower left apron states:

How To Play - Put coin in slot. Push forward full distance and let slide return. Press down on small lever to elevate ball to shooting position. Draw back handle of spring plunger and release.

Lower right apron states:

Rules - Green ball counts double. For amusement only. Not for gambling. Made by Houston Showcase & Manufacturing Co. Houston, Texas

Notes: An advertising flyer (not shown here) promotes the machine as having superior construction:
Exclusive in the Field of Really High-Class Amusement Games

Its size is 38 inches square. Height at front, 37 inches; at back, 41 inches. Weighs 120 pounds uncrated. Cabinet and legs of mahogany, walnut or figured red gum. (We ship from whichever stock we are running.) Vertical veneer five ply panels used on front sides and ends. Adjusters on legs. Legs removed when shipping and are attached to table with exclusive features of machine screws and washers entering into concealed angle iron construction at each corner. Both plungers on right of player. Coin slide operates both marble pans at once. Elevators lift one marble at a time. Exterior finished in natural colors with four coats high grade laquer.

The field itself is finished in gold, the ornamentation around holes is black. The pins are brass covered with white rubber. The field guard is finished black and the labels are black and gold. Note that marbles return to numbered pockets in front of player. Easily counted without loss of time or controversy.
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