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Gumball Baseball BB2 (Sports) VP9

VP9 Flipperless Recreation Gumball Baseball BB2 (Sports) VP9 v1.0 2020-01-28

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By tiltjlp for VP9. This Trade Stimulatior made buying a gumball an adventure abd a contest. You compete against your friends, as well as for a signed baseball. Thanks to Highrise for his help with the scripting.

Trade stimulators did their jobs by entertaining customers with the promise of something for nothing, at least in most cases. A few trade stimulators were made simply to attract people to a certain product. Gumball Baseball is a perfect example, and I know first hand, because several stores had this or other game gumball machines when I was a youngster.

If I recall, for your penny, you got a gumball and one "at bat" to see if you could hit the elusive and nearly impossible home run, which I never did. I don't remember any of my friends hitting a homer either. Rumor was that if you did land your ball in the Home Run slot, that besides your regular gumball, you'd also get the Blue Gumball, which you then traded the merchant for a prize.

The story was that your prize would be a baseball autographed by our beloved Cincinnati Redlegs, which they were known as back then. Needless to say, with a supposed prize like that, a Gumball Baseball machine really racked in the pennies, back when pennies were still worth something.

In my version of Gumball Baseball, you play until you get three outs. As you'll notice from the SS, both a regular pin game score is kept, as well as game stats. There is no tilt for this game, to give you a better chance to nudge a Homer. Play Ball!
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