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Black Jack (Bally, 1977)

Bally EM Recreation FP Black Jack (Bally, 1977) v3.0

No permission to download
by eXentric, rob046
at 2006-05-29
Type Recreation (real pinball)
Manufacturer Bally Manufacturing Corporation (1931-1983)
Tradename Bally
Date 1976
IPD No. 4498


1 Extra ball at 220,000 points.
1 Extra ball at 500,000 points.
1 replay when beating High Score.
Default High Score is 540,000. (use fpRAM included in the zip file for this to activate, or else you will build score on your own, and get replays very easily!)

Rules...(use included rule card for shorter rules).
Scoring involved luck, skill, and strategy. Choose how to build your score...
The main objective is to have player hand be equal to or greater than the dealer hand and then land in the kicker.
When this happens, kicker will award 5,000 plus the award that is lit to the right of the player/dealer hands.
When dealer hand is higher, kicker will only score the 5,000 points.
Kicker will always advance bonus score by one increment.

To change dealer or player hands, hit the various playfield scoring objects, which have scoring or features of thier own...

Hitting standups are the easiest way to do this. Yellow standups change the dealer's hand and score 1,000.
Red standups change player's hand and advance bonus one increment, but only score 500.

Card suit rollover lanes score 500, advance the player hand, and increase bonus score by one increment. Also, unlighting spade lites spade bumper for 100. Unlighting club lites club bumper for 100. Unlighting both heart and diamond will light the top bumper for 1000.
All bumpers score 10 otherwise.
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