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Harlem Globetrotters On Tour (Bally, 1979) VP8

VP8 Bally SS Recreation Harlem Globetrotters On Tour (Bally, 1979) VP8 v1.1r by rob046 2020-01-28

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Harlem Globetrotters On Tour (Bally, 1979) VP8 v1.1r by rob046
by rob046
IPD No. 1125

This is an update of my release in 2005. Table was made at and will definitely look best at 1600x1200. Play at that resolution, if possible, to avoid potential slight reel misalignment (although it does look OK at other resolutions). Also if things look like a mess in windowed mode then go full screen!

Make sure you have the s3250u3 samples zip in your pinmame samples folder in order to hear the game sounds (get them at www.pinmame.com). Also, make sure the samples are enabled via the F1 menu.

I have included 4 nvram's, all of which contain the recommended settings for 3 ball and 5 ball play, and the dips are quite a bit different for 3 and 5 ball.
The reason there are 4 nvram's is because I made one 3 and 5 ball nvram for the original rom and also a set for the 7 digit rom.

I highly recommend you use one of these nvram's or else you just won't have the proper display and gameplay since the defaults are way off. Copy them to your "Pinmame/nvram" folder (you can have one of the 6 digit and one of the 7 digit nvrams in that same folder since they have different names).

Peter has made a customized dip switch menu that of course you can use anyhow (by pressing F6 in game). The 7 digit menu has an extra option I think for increasing high score past 6 digits (and that's the only difference), but I included it in this download for those who may want to implement it, although you certainly can use the 7 digit rom with the 6 digit menu and have no problem.

Also note that you must have the 7 digit rom in order to play with the 7 digit rom. Find it wherever you find all other roms!

Lastly, should you want to access the original display window (rather than the reels), just press the + (plus) button on the main part of your keyboard to bring it foward. Then to get rid of it again just click on the table (not the display window) to bring the table forward again and then press the - (minus) button.
The more basic instruction card image is included in the download (zip).


Top saucer scores 3000 points and three bonus advances, spots lit G-L-O-B-E letter. Drop targets also spot lit letter. Completing G-L-O-B-E scores 50,000 points, and...

First time: lights left outlane for 25,000 points.
Second time (first time in 3-ball): lights Globe Special.
Third and subsequent time (second in 3-ball): awards Special.

Drop targets score 5000 points, advance bonus and advance Fast Break spinner value to 100, 200, 1000 and then 2000 points per spin. Last three drop targets also raise bonus multiplier to 2X, 3X, and then 5X. Drop all four targets to gain access to Free Throw saucer. Saucer resets drop targets and scores 25,000 points first time, then Special thereafter. Drop targets and Free Throw saucer are reset after each ball.

Players targets score 300 points. Completing player target bank lights Slam Dunk target for Extra Ball first time and Special second time. Slam Dunk also opens ball return gate, and scores 300 points or 5000 points after Extra Ball or Special have been awarded.

Return lane scores 300 points and three bonus advances. Left outlane scores 1000 points or 25,000 when lit. Right outlane scores 1000 points or 3000 when return gate is open. Ball through open gate closes gate again.

Center spinners score 100 points and advance bonus with every fifth spin when lit. Bumpers score 100 points or 1000 when lit.

When active, Super Bonus holds over from ball to ball once 20000, 30000 or 40000 bonus has been reached.

Tilt penalty: ball in play.

Maximum: one extra ball per ball in play.

Special awards one replay.

One replay awarded for a score of 280,000 points (3-ball) or 420,000 points (5-ball).

One additional replay awarded for a score of 400,000 points (3-ball) or 600,000 points (5-ball).

Beating the highest score to date awards three replays.

Passing 999,990 and looping the score back to zero awards three additional replays.

7 Digit
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