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Casper The Friendly Ghost (Bagatelle) VP9

VP9 Flipperless Recreation Casper The Friendly Ghost (Bagatelle) VP9 v1.0 2020-01-28

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By tiltjlp for VP9.

After the somber and serious themes of my last 8 tables, I thought I'd do something a bit more light-hearted. Casper The Friendly Ghost is not only a childrens themed toy pin, but very challenging.

Because of the large scoring cups in which the hidden kickers sit, it takes both nudging & adjusting the launch speed to hit the lower cups, for high scoring. In all, there are 14 scoring opportunities, but you might only notice 12, since two tall, narrow cups are at the left and right bottom of the game. Those two cups are well worth the effort it takes to hit them, in that each awards 5,000 points. I have the launch speed set low, and so that with nudging, you can hit many of the better scoring cups. But if you donft change the launch speed, you'll rob yourself of a lot more points.

Keeping with the fun, ghostly theme, each kicker plays a different spooky but not scary sound. Most children who play video games should be amused by the sounds, but before letting younger children play Casper The Friendly Ghost, you might want to play it and decide for yourself.
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