Cracker Jack Bo Peep (Toy) VP9

VP9 Flipperless Recreation Cracker Jack Bo Peep (Toy) VP9 v1.0 and cup fix

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by tiltjlp

You really have to nudge this one in order to score. A fast, fun little game.
One of many pin toy games given away free by Cracker Jack for buying a nickel or dime box. A favorite prize of boys from the 1930s-60s.

Cracker Jack, which has been sold for over a century, gained popularity by adding cheap little wooden & plastic toys in each box they sold. While they offered little booklets too, the pinball toys were the big favorite of boys, including me. Cracker Jack now has many varieties to choose from, back in the 1950s it only came in their original version, in small cardboard boxes. Bo Peep was just one of dozens of palm sized pin toys you might find when you tore open the paper pounch. tiltjlp

Note from Xenonph:
The cups that catch the balls on this table were set to a height of -50. So you would never catch a ball unless you hit the kicker dead center. I uploaded a cup fix version, where the cup walls are raised to 50, and now the balls can be caught. The original is still available and preserved.
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