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FirePower 2 (Williams, 1983) VP9

VP9 Williams SS Recreation FirePower 2 (Williams, 1983) VP9 v1.6 2020-01-28

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FirePower 2 (Williams, 1983) VP9 v1.6
by Kristian, Cutter
IPD No. 857

Requires VPinMAME, latest S7.VBS and the correct ROM set (fpwr2_l2.zip).

Revision History
What's new
V1.6 (Kristian)
VP9 Fix

V1.5 (Kristian)
Graphics & layout improvements.
Thanks to Kalmenreisender and Mikey for the source images!
September 2003

V1.4 (Kristian)
Complete graphics rebuild by Kristian, with permission of Cutter
Thanks to Tony D. for the source images. Better ones still needed!
Lots of walls remapped to fit to the new
graphics. Tilt sensitivity
changed from 5 to 3.
November, 2002

V1.3 (Cutter)
- Bugfixes, should now work on the latest DF5.
- Game Over/Tilt/HSTD/XB lights added.
- New ball image.

V1.2 (Cutter)
- Converted to use the latest VBS 2.21
- Converted all images to JPG.
- Added new ball image. (Thanks Plumb!)
- Added a bell sound.

V1.1 (Cutter)
- Changed backdrop.
- New targets.
- Tweaked ramp and target banks.
- And a few more things...
Instruction Card:
Pic uploaded with permission of Inkochnito.
Find all your Pinball Card needs at Inkochnito's Pinball Cards site:
http://www.pinballrebel.com/pinball/cards/ (Inkochnito's Pinball Score and Instruction cards.)
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