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This table is a little-known gem. I know that some of you avoid original tables like the plague but Roney Pinball created something here that is really special. This is one of the first tables I found when I first started playing Future Pinball more years ago that I care to mention. I played it for many hours. Everything about it just feels right for medieval knights and castles. It is very immersive and transports you to a bygone era of chivalry, castles, and epic battles. The sound effects are particularly good. The dynamic soundtrack includes the sounds of swords clashing, horses galloping, and dungeon echoes. When I replayed it before creating this modification, I could not hear the flipper sounds because they were overpowered by other sounds so I knew I had my work cut out for me.

Note: Be sure you read the "Must Read" sections below and all the text in bold print.

The following video demonstrates the unique features of Medieval Castle and has a short bit of game play:

BAM – Must Read

This table requires BAM version 1.5-373 or later
for it to perform as intended and to not crash or generate error messages. This version was released on 1/28/24 and you must have it installed for FizX 3.3 to work. You can download it here:

Zip File – Must Read

There is a zip file included in the download. It contains the model of a ball with 1K polygons. Do not unzip the zip file. Just save it with the same name as the table and place it in the same folder as the table. If you don't use it, the physics won't be correct. Some end users have added the zip file to their BAM folder so it works on all tables. If you have done this, you can delete the zip file in the download.


I decided to add PinMechSound which is a first for me. If you are not aware of what it is, it is a way for pinball cabinet users to add DOF and surround sound feedback (SSF) to their cabinets. I think there is a way to add it to a desktop but I don't think it produces much benefit for my setup. Debo26 was nice enough to test this table on his cabinet. To make SSF work, you must add the PUP-Pack that is included in the download. Copy "FP_PUP_SSF_GEORGE" to your PUPVideos folder.

Just adding PinMechSound wasn't enough for the sound, however. The sound was not balanced so I added what I call a "Sound Level Control Panel" where I balanced each of the 6 groups of all sounds used on the table and then balanced the 6 groups together so they sounded right. You can adjust the 6 groups in the script yourself if you wish but I think I got it right.

FizX and Tweaker

I added FizX 3.3 with the latest version of the FizX menu system that we call a "tweaker". Press the Special 1 key to open the FizX tweaker and read the directions on the overlay that appears on your screen for navigating the system. I moved the options on the tweaker so the parameters I use the most are displayed first on the list with the lesser-used parameters at the bottom. If you are not familiar with FizX, you might find the parameters on the tweaker intimidating. You will however be able to understand the option for "Bounce Choices" which is the very first option. The option refers to the bounce of the ball off the flippers. The "Bounce Choices" option allows you to make selections that anyone can understand. For example, you can select "Low Bounce" or "Medium Bounce". I recommend you try making changes to this option. I have already made adjustments on the tweaker but everyone knows I like the flippers to have a very low bounce. From what I have seen, most folks prefer higher bounce.


I added lighting modes for Day, Dusk, Night, Dark Night, and FP Original. I went a bit further than I usually do by adjusting over 50 parameters for each lighting mode that you can see near the beginning of the script. Press the Special 2 key to toggle through the lighting modes. FP Original doesn't look quite as good as the other lighting modes but it helps those that have lower-end PCs.

Camera Views

This table has a large segmented display on the backbox that cannot be seen with the popular "Full Table 2" view. If you can't see the display, you can't play the game very effectively. I created three camera view profiles that show the segmented display. I set one of them, to be the default in the script so the segmented display should be visible when you first play the table. You can change the default camera view by pressing the "V" key repeatedly to toggle through the three options.

Plunger Modification

Popotte developed a plunger mod that added a new feature to the code I had been using. The code that I used in the past makes the plunger pull back more slowly, making it easier to hone in on just the right power to hit certain skill shots on most tables. This table does not have a skill shot but it does have a hidden kicker in the back of the castle where this modification makes it easier to hit.

The plunger that Popotte created has two modes of operation. The slow plunger pullback is the same as previous versions I used and works like a normal plunger would by pressing the plunger key. The second method is where you can use the up and down arrow keys to position the plunger exactly before it is released. Then you press the plunger key to release the ball. Popotte had been using this mod for a long time but it required setting a switch to either use the slow pullback or the arrow keys. He and I worked together to figure out a way to code it so it does not require a switch. ...So you can either press the plunger key and release it at the point where you want it to let go or you can very precisely adjust the plunger with the up and down arrow keys and then press the plunger key to let go of the plunger.

Easy Game Play

There is an option in the script for easy gameplay.
The option is set to false by default. You can change it to true if you want easier gameplay. The comments in the script identify all the changes it makes.


I wrote a set of rules that I added to the instruction cards on the apron. I had written rules which included what happens when the kicker is hit that is inside the castle on the left side. Then I decided that Roney Pinball might have wanted this to be unknown to the end user because he calls it a "Mystery" in the game. I decided to add that content exclusively to a PDF file that is in the download. The content of the PDF is identical to the rules added to the instruction cards except for what happens inside the castle. If you want the castle rules to remain a "Mystery", you should delete the PDF file.

The Spinner

I had some trouble with the spinner on this table from the start. It would only spin once or twice when it was hit and would stop. I tried adding some code that Ravarcade created but it didn't perform any better. Wecoc developed a method where the spinner object on the table is converted to a toy with some special code that operates it. It makes the spinner on this table work perfectly. It also helps your score quite a bit when you complete the mode that adds 1000 points to your score for each spin.

Table Loading Screen

There are two table-loading textures as listed below. The first landscape texture is the default and is intended to be used on desktop PCs. The portrait texture is intended to be used on pinball cabinets and is used on the "rotated display" version of the table described below.


Rotated Display

Finally, I added a version of the table for those of us who have desktop PCs with a single monitor that can swivel so it is oriented in an upright position. I call it a rotated display. To play the table, you need to change the "Rotation" option to 270 degrees on the "Preferences" > "Video / Rendering Options" screen of the FP editor. You can try it on a standard monitor to see what it looks like but it will be oriented sideways. The popular Full Table 2 view only uses about 50% of the screen for the playfield whereas this option uses about 90% of the screen. It produces a more immersive gaming experience.


I hope you give this table a chance. It is truly one of the best original tables. You would think the castle uses a model but it uses 80+ Future Pinball standard walls and surfaces. It must have taken Roney Pinball some time to create. I added everything I could think of to improve the gameplay of this table. I hope you like it.

Table Developers

Roney Pinball

Contributions by:

Gimli – Codeveloper of the FizX Tweaker
JLou5641 - Creator of FizX
Fleep - Created recordings for mechanical sounds
TerryRed – developed the "All in One" template of FizX
Popotte - Developer of the plunger modification
Wecoc - Developer of the spinner
Debo26 – Tester of DOF and PUP SSF on this table

List of Changes:

1) Upscaled most of the textures on the table except for the castle.
2) Made the castle textures darker.
3) The segmented display was not visible on the Full Table 2 view so 3 switchable camera views were added which can be changed by pressing the letter "V" repeatedly.
4) Added model for game room with texture.
5) Added new rock texture to the ramp and new shingle texture for the castle roof.
6) Added Hud toggle key that saves setting to fpRam.
7) Added plunger pull special script to slow down pull-back, making it easier to hone in on a shot to the hidden kicker.
8) Added a ball stop surface above the ramp to keep the ball from flying and added an invisible approach ramp.
9) Fixed bug that displays M1Count not defined.
10) Added more time to display the text on the segmented display on the backwall so you have time to read it.
11) Moved the lens for the "Jackpot 100,000" light on the playfield texture up higher on the playfield so the light for it could be moved so it does not cover the text.
12) Added Fleep recordings for mechanical sounds.
13) Aligned the left wall of the table that has a break in it and made the ball bounce to the right.
14) Adjusted the color of all the light inserts on the playfield.
15) Changed the displays on the long segmented display 1) to include baseline point values (without bonuses) 2) added displays for when the hidden kicker is hit 3) made displays last longer so you have time to read them.
16) Added custom flipper texture.
17) Added black side rail caps and lock down bar.
18) Added BAM code that allows the score to exceed 2 billion points and made some code changes to support it.
19) After upscaling the lenses for the 2x to 6x bonus multiplier lights, the text was centered, and the background lightened to make the numbers more prominent.
20) When all lights were illuminated on the 2-bank stationary targets and the 3-bank drop targets they never displayed long enough to see it. Added more time to allow end users to see the light before turning off.
21) There were 2 extra ball lights on the playfield where the coding was never finished. Added extra ball awards completing the sequences for 2-bank stationary targets and the 3-bank drop targets (see the rules).
22) Fixed the display so it does not say multiball when no prisoner lights are lit and only the original ball returned.
23) Wrote rule sheet and added it to instruction cards on the apron and included a PDF in the download with the rules.
24) Added portrait loading texture for cabinet users.
25) Added a new feature by Popotte to the plunger mod. You can now use the up and down arrow keys to position the plunger exactly where you want then press the plunger key to let go of the plunger. If you don't want to use the arrow keys, press and hold the plunger key.
26) Added Sound Level Control Panel that adjusts every sound used on the table.
27) Added music to the attract mode.
28) Added Pin Mech Sound.
29) Changed 3 modes that could only be completed one time so they can be repeated.
30) Corrected a problem with the trigger below the left gate in the middle of the table. This trigger did not consistently turn on the green lights in front of the ramp in the correct sequence. This was fixed.
31) Created a version of the table for Rotated Display for those that have single monitor PCs and can tilt their monitor 90 degrees.
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Wow, you really went ALL-OUT on this! Thank you kindly!
Thank you! The lighting was difficult because much of the playfield is dark brown and tends to soak up the light but I got to where i wanted. Plus, I spent more time on it because I love this table.
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Thank you for updating these old classics to FizX
Thank you! This table is about 8 years old but it still plays well after revamping.
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