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Medieval Madness (Williams, 1997) ULTIMATE

Williams SS Recreation FP Medieval Madness (Williams, 1997) ULTIMATE v1.01 Physics 2.6

No permission to download
by francisco666, SLAMT1LT
at 2013-10-01
Type Recreation (real pinball)
Manufacturer Williams Electronic Games, Incorporated, a subsidiary of WMS Ind., Incorporated (1985-1999)
Tradename Williams
Date 1997-06
IPD No. 4032

FP Physics 2.6

"ULTIMATE" Editions are the very best versions of all my tables. Better than "ULTRA", "GOLD" and "VIP"

** Version 1.01 Ultimate **

Optimized for Physics 2.6

'Table build and Script: Francisco666

'3d Models: Francisco666

'Dragon Model: Dragon from http://www.gfx-3d-model.com, unknown autor, mod by Francisco666 #

'Testers: Benucio, Hanson, Megg, Lettuce, Sinner1948

'Thanks Slamt1lt and Polygame for let me use the toy shake effect of Terminator 2

'# Dragon Model terms of use: All 3d models created and copyrighted by their original author, not http://www.gfx-3d-model.com, unless mentioned otherwise, and are free for personal and non-commercial use.

' ULTRA Edition features:

' New apron and cabinet textures

' Dynamic lighting effects added

' New sounds added (mechanical and quotes)

' New music tracks added (Intro, HighScore, End of Game)

' Super Skill Shot added (hold Left Flipper when ball launches)

' Explosion holograms added when castle is hit/destroyed

' Added a graphic to HUD DMD

' New HUD display added which keeps a running tally of players progress

' Catapult shot counts as a castle hit every time (including Hurry Up)

' Castle now catches fire when it's ready to be destroyed

' Death Save added to right outlane

' New interactive match sequence added. Win the mini game to keep playing

' New gameroom texture

' New Williams Flippers added

' Added a Flashing Fire button model to cabinet

' During multiball, camera now locks to a static position

' Fake ROM check added when game first starts

' Fixed Merlin Kicker so ball will lock each time

' Fixed ball getting stuck behind right troll target

' Right Ramp improved for better shots

' Catapult now has slightly more power

' Spelling F-I-R-E now awards 1 Troll Bomb

' Table optimized for maximum performance

' ** Version 1.04 (GOLD) **

' added more time to search for ball when table is tilted, allowing the player to free any stuck balls

' added rollover lights to backwall

' ** Version 1.03 (GOLD) **

' fixed tilting the table would not reset multiball modes

' fixed Master of Trolls light sometimes not switching on

' ** Version 1.02 (GOLD) **

' added sound effect (Horse) when Super Skill Shot selected from launch

' Super Skill Shot is now Right Ramp and Right Orbit

' added lighing effect to Castle Multiball lighting

' fixed ball getting stuck under top right plastic

' random lightning (back wall) will now happen during certain events

' changed lightning sound

' ** Version 1.20 (Gold Edition) **

' added lightning special fx for start of Castle Multiball

' added coloured chrome trim

' after wining the extra ball in the Merlin Kicker, if Troll Light is flashing, the Trolls will now pop up

' changed DMD from "Kin's Men Destroyed" to "King's Men Defeated"

' added new quote when left troll is hit

' added v-cut to plunger lane for better ball launch

' changed colour of ball to gold

' improved backglass art

' ** Version 1.19 **

' left orbit and left slingshot adjusted to match the real table.

' ** Version 1.18 **

' added sound when Castle Gate is raised

' widened and improved left orbit for smoother shot

' added more plasic shine (viewable only to desktop players)

' ** Version 1.17 **

' fixed game ending after match sequence during multiplayer games (match sequence disabled for multiplayer games)

' fixed ball getting stuck on invisible ball stopper layer (tilt will temporarily disable this layer, releasing any trapped ball)

' ** Version 1.16 **

' fixed Castle Crusher light not turning on after final castle destroyed during any multiball

' fixed multiplayer not showing next player's score

' ** Version 1.15 **

' fixed lights turning off during multiball modes but not turning back on after

' fixed Troll Basher tally which would increase by one for each Troll down, instead of both Trolls down

' Troll Basher light now turns on after Troll Basher tally reaches 3 (same as the other challenges)

' apron level raised

' removed hidden kickers from right right

' fixed Skill Shot not working when extra ball is won

' Super Skill Shot added

' Skill Shot can now be rotated with Right Flipper

' adjusted music sound levels

' fixed Joust Champion light not turning on

' adjusted some timers for better game flow

' fixed Joust playing during Royal Madness

' fixed 2nd Troll disappearing under playfield

' improved ramp texture visability

' made slight adjustments to the playfield layout

Mods of this table :
Medieval Madness GOLD LedWiz 1.05 Update
Medieval Madness: Medieval Madness MEGA 1.3.5

This table is a mod of :
Medieval Madness 1.5
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