Phantom of the Opera (Data East, 1990) ULTIMATE

Data East SS Recreation FP Phantom of the Opera (Data East, 1990) ULTIMATE v1.01 Physics 2.6

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by DRAKKO, francisco666, SLAMT1LT, thorgeist, Titomartinez
at 2014-01-22
Type Recreation (real pinball)
Manufacturer Data East Pinball, Incorporated (1986-1994)
Date 1990-01
IPD No. 1777

FP Physics 2.6

' Original Future Pinball recreation by:

' Thorgeist

' Drakko

' Francisco666

' Titomartinez

' ULTIMATE Edition Mod by:


' ** ULITMATE Edition 1.01 **

' new voice over recorded for the Phantom

' dynamic lighting added

' added backlgass animation

' added DMD animation

' improved sound fx and music

' new mechanical sounds added

' physics improved

' graphics optimized for better performance

Mods of this table :
Slamt1lt's Collection: Phantom of the Opera ULTIMATE 1.04-3

This table is a mod of :
Phantom of the Opera 1.0
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