Sonic The Hedgehog (Original) ULTIMATE

SS Original Table FP Sonic The Hedgehog (Original) ULTIMATE v1.02 Physics 2.6

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Solid State Machines
by Atros, PinWizKid, SLAMT1LT
at 2014-02-05
Type Original

FP Physics 2.6

' table designed and created by PinWizKid

' ULTIMATE Edition Mod by SLAMT1LT

' ** ULTIMATE Edition 1.02 **

' more Robotnik quotes added

' improved Invincible feature

' tilting the table now accounts for the balls locked in the kickers

' improved layout slightly for better flow

' added 'No Bonus' when table is tilted

' added invisible protective layer to stop ball jumping onto plastics

' ** ULTIMATE Edition 1.01 **

' added DMD and animations

' added dynamic lighting effects

' added new graphics - back wall, side wall, gameroom

' added coloured chrome trim

' added new features - Power Up and Bonus Rings

' improved physics

' improved sound fx

' ** ULTRA/Remix Edition Mod **

' added animated backglass

' added new sounds and music

' improved and opimized graphics

' improved physics

' improved lighting
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