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Spider-Man (Original) VP9 v1.02 JP
by JPSalas
IPD No. 5237

Layout and Rules inspired on the Spider-Man table by Stern from 2007.

Thanks to StrangeLeo for the voices and music.

Revision History:

1.02 Updated 7 December
- Fixed the rest of spell errors (but not in the script, due to too many variables and VP objects)

1.01 Updated 6 December
- Fixed some bugs and spell errors :)

1.0 Released 5 December 2009
Spider-Man - by JPSalas 2009

Rules for Jp’s Spider-Man

The table layout is based on Stern’s Spider-Man, but the rules are different.
The goal of the game is to defeat all the villains: Green Goblin, Venom, Sandman, Dr Octopus and Carnage.
You have one allied: the New Goblin. He will activate the lock for you and give you some missions.

Skill shot - Shoot the flashing web lane - 25k 1st time add 5k each time
Increases the bonus multiplier by 5x and doubles the pop bumper value.
Double bonus when you hit the lit-lane skill shot on your last ball.

Super Skill shot - Venom ramp - 50k 1st time add 10k each time you hit it and boost Venom value 10k
Triple bonus when you hit the Venom ramp skill shot on your last ball.


Green Goblin
- shoot all blink lights to start first battle. Score 1000 for each hit (lit or not)
There are 3 battles:

Unity Day Festival - hit 6 blinking Green Goblin target. Scores 5000 per hit

Suffer the Children - hit 8 blinking Green Goblin targets. Scores 10000 per hit

Godspeed Spiderman - hit 12 blinking Green Goblin targets. Scores 15000 per hit

- The spinner increases Venom ‘s Value, starting from 25k to a max of 75k
4 shots to Venom target starts the 1st battle

Goo On You - Hit any Venom ramp 6 times. This is a timed mode, it starts at 100k and decreses very quickly. Each time you hit the target its value increases by 25k.

Brock's New Suit - Hit any Venom ramp 8 times - scores Venom value
(Venom value from 25k to 75k adjusted by spinner and skill shot)

Ooze You Lose - 12 Venom target shots - scores Venom value

- 3-bank target - hit the 3 droptargets drop the target bank.
Sandman value start at 25k.
The yellow targets score half the sandman value and adds 2k to the sandman value each time you hit them
The Sandman target (yellow target with a black spider under Sandman) scores the Sandman value. You hit this target when fighting Sandman.

Slammer Time - 6 hits raises Sandman - hit saucer to end and collect 200.000 points
Subway Storm - 12 hits raises Sandman - hit saucer to end and collect 200.000 points
Dune of Doom - 18 hits raises Sandman - hit saucer to end and collect 200.000 points

Dr Octopus
- Shoot the Doc's target once to acces the hole under it. Shoot the hole once to start battling Octopus.
The Battles against Dr Octopus are multiball battles. During this multiball mode the red spider lights are lit. Hit them for a Jackop. Shoot all the spider lights to lit the Superjackpot light. A hit to the right ramps scores SuperJackpot, this is 5 times the current Jackpot score.
Hit The Doc’s target as many times as needed to drop it and then hit the hole to score superjackpot and turn on again the red spider lights again for jackpot. This mode continues until all multiballs are lost.

Fusion Malfunction: shoot Dr Ock 3 times. 1 ball multiball.
To start 2nd battle , Bank Bust , shoot Dr Ock 6 times. Rules are the same. Multiball 2 extra balls
To start 3rd battle, Armed at the Dock, shoot Dr Ock 9 times. Multiball 3 extra balls.

- Shoot the 3 targets many times as needed to turn on the carnage light behind. Shoot that light to collect the Carnage value. Each battle requires more hits
Do the same 3 times to defeat carnage
Each hit on the targets scores 2000 points and increases the Carnage value. The Carnage value is reset to 5000 each time you collect it. It is up to you to collect this value after winning a battle or let it grow and collect it later. After you win the third battle this value is scored automatically and it is reset to 5000.


Shoot the New Goblin target to turn on the missions, the lock and the Special.

Each hit scores 1000 points.

After hiting New Goblin once the white spiders turn on. Shoot all the white spiders to start a mission, loose the ball and you start over again. All the white spiders turns off and you have to shoot New Goblin again to turn them on.

There are 4 missions. Each mission will continue even after loosing the ball.

Bonesaw: hit 100 targets
Rescue MJ: hit 50 lanes, loops and spinner gives the highest number of hits
New Goblin: shoot 10 ramps, black or red
Daily Bugle hit 50 times the bumpers


Complete The 4 New Goblin missions to activate the special mission. Shoot the lock to activate. This is a 4 ball multiball mode with the Jackpot activated on all the white lights.. The lights don’t turn off until you loose the multiballs.

LOCK – Black Suite Multiball

Hit the New Goblin target 10 times, then the “Lock Lit” light are activated. The diverter turns on and the gates open. Any shoot to the lanes, if hard enough, will end in the Lock. Lock 3 balls to start a 4 ball multiball.


Defeat each villain once to turn on the ball save light. Shoot the left loop to activate.


Defeat each villain twice to activate the SuperHero. This is a 3 Ball multiball. Shoot the ramps for Jackpots. The mode ends with the last multiball.

Battle Royale

Defeat each villain three times to activate the Battle Royale mode (all the battle lights are on). This is another multiball mode, this time with 5 balls, one for each villain. Yes, you battle all villains at the same time. Hit each villain to stop them flashing, then shoot the right ramp to collect the Super Jackpot. Repeat until the last ball is drained

After the battle royale all the villains are reset and the battle against the individual villains begins again

Other scores & bonus

Complete WEB rollovers increases the bonus multiplier.
Complete HERO rollovers increases the bonus multiplier and lites Shoot Again light for 20 seconds.
Each rollover adds 200 points to the bonus. This bonus has no limit and it is collected at the end of each ball, and then it is reset to 0.

All the missions and battles can be at the same time and a target may give several points.


The DMD will show different states of the game as well as information about the game. It also displays the points in this format:

points - ball number
bonus - bonus multiplier
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Latest reviews

Another excellent work by JP Salas.
This table doesn't use the rom, it imitates the behavior of the original by Stern.
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