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Star Wars: Death Star Assault Ultimate Pro v1.06

Follow the download link to Slam's site, and get the table from "Available Downloads" on the right side. Notes: Requires the latest version of @ravarcade's BAM ("Better Arcade Mode").


- added more Darth Vader quotes
- added fx to lightsabers when they turn on during bonus
- improved some timers
- fixed rare crash bug
- fixed some quotes overlapping or not playing
- increased some score values
- lowered default highscore values so highest score sequence can play

I'm hoping this will be the end of the updates for this game (for now), but if you do find any bugs, please let me know.


And here's a ruleset. It's for an older version, but should convey the important stuff: --Ike
Star Wars - ULTIMATE Pro 1.04

Based on the Battle of Yavin from the original Star Wars movie. The objective is to destroy the Death Star by attacking waves of Imperial TIE fighters. Each wave of TIE fighters destroyed qualifies for the next Jedi rank. Reach Yoda (Jedi Grand Master) to start the 2 ball confrontation with Darth Vader.

Avoid the drain, beat the timer and make the shot to the Death Star's exhaust port to destroy it and win the game. Easy.

Recommended as a 3 ball game only. There are numerous opportunities to win extra balls during the game.

Skill Shot

The Skill Shot must be qualified during the previous ball. To qualify for the Skill Shot you must first destroy at least one wave of TIE fighters (knock down all 7 TIE fighter targets.)

When qualified, the next ball will automatically start the Skill Shot.

Launch the ball at the precise moment the targeting computer displays the fire icon (listen for the rapid beeps). Fire too early or too late and miss the shot.

A perfectly timed shot will fire a torpedo at the Death Star and score an increasing score value and add 1 second to the ball saver.

A successful Skill Shot can still miss the Death Star kicker in which case the Skill Shot value is still awarded but Red Leader will say: "It didn't go in. Just impacted on the surface".

TIE Fighter Drop Targets

Knock down all 7 TIE fighter drop targets to qualify for the next Jedi rank.

The value of each TIE fighter drop target will increase each time the Jedi rank is advanced.

The game will keep a running tally of the amount of TIE fighters destroyed in the game. Destroy at least 50 to win an Extra Ball.

Darth Vader Attack

Shots to the Vader Kicker (upper left lane) will advance Vader Scoring. 5 shots are needed to start a timed Playfield Score Multiplier. The Playfield Score Multiplier will match the current Bonus Multiplier.

The Vader Kicker can be ejected in 2 ways: From the left upper lane or from a VUK to the left wire rail.

The lights around the Darth Vader insert between the flippers will blink for the duration of the Playfield Score Multiplier.

Millennium Falcon (SOLO) Ramp

Shots to the Falcon kicker (upper inner lane) will advance SOLO on the right wire rail. When SOLO is completed, the next shot to the Falcon kicker will start the video mode.

Level bonuses are awarded after the video mode ends. The rewards are:

Level 1: 150,000
Level 2: Special
Level 3: Extra Ball

The Special is 1,138,000 points. A die-hard George Lucas fan will get that reference.

Pro Tip:

Combo the Falcon kicker shot (2 shots in quick succession) to automatically advance to the next level reward. This will also bypass the Video Mode feature.

Video Mode

Shooting the Falcon kicker when all the SOLO bulbs are flashing will start the Video Mode.

TIE fighters will attack the Millennium Falcon. Use the Falcon's turrets to take them out. Press the left or right flipper button when prompted. Hit the wrong button or miss the prompt and the mode is instantly over and the ball is ejected back into play.

Destroy all the TIE fighters for a bonus reward.

The reaction time for player input starts at 450ms and decreases after each successful round.

Bonus X Rollovers

Complete the 3 Stormtrooper inserts on the upper rollover lanes to advance the Bonus multiplier.

Each character will award a Player Perk when the ball ends for the next ball only.

Bonus X 2: Chewbacca - Bumper value is increased temporarily (resets back to base value for new ball)
Bonus X 3: Princess Leia - Kickback can be used 2 times before it turns off
Bonus X 4: Obi Wan Kenobi - Target values are increased permanently (value is not reset back to base value)
Bonus X 5: Han Solo - Video Mode is ready at Falcon VUK
Bonus X 6: Luke Skywalker - Ball Saver time is increased by 4 seconds temporarily (resets to base value for new ball)

When the Vader Playfield Score Multiplier is activated, the Playfield Score Multiplier will match the current Bonus Multiplier.

When the Bonus Multiplier is maxed out, completing the rollover lanes will award 50,000.

Super Spinners

Super Spinners are always active. The value of the spinners is multiplied by the current Bonus Multiplier.

Turbo Laser Bumpers

Hitting the bumpers 20 times will increase their score value (and the power of the Turbo Lasers.) This value will reset when the ball is lost.

The bumper light states will change each time the values are changed - off, on, blinking, rotating.

Trench Run

Shooting the Trench Run (upper right lane) will advance Trench Run scoring. This value will reset when the ball is lost.

Death Star Kicker

The Death Star kicker will award the Skill Shot (when qualified), advance the Red Squadron Bonus and destroy the Death Star during the 2 ball multiball.

Red Squadron Bonus

Shooting the Death Star kicker will advance the Red Squadron Bonus. The call signs for each of the wings in Red Squadron are called out in the same order as they are in the film:

Red 10
Red 7
Red 3 (Biggs)
Red 6 (Porkins)
Red 9
Red 2 (Wedge)
Red 11

Each time a callout is made, an increasing score value is collected. When all wings have called in and are standing by, the next shot to the Death Star kicker will collect an extra ball. The process then repeats.

All progress is lost when the ball drains.

The player is Red 5 (Luke Skywalker) and his call sign is called out at the start of the game.

Red Leader requests "All wings report in" so he's not part of the list.

Red 4 and Red 8 are never mentioned in the film so must not be a part of the squadron.

Pro Tip:

When the Ball Saver is active you can let the ball drain to quick launch another ball from the plunger lane into the Death Star kicker, collecting the next wing.

Darth Vader Targets

Hit all VADER targets to light awards at the Attack kicker. Completing VADER also activates the Ball Saver for 6 seconds.

Pro Tip:

Let the ball drain as soon as you complete VADER to make use of the Ball Saver and quick launch another ball into the Death Star kicker, collecting the next wing.

Attack Kicker

Collect lit awards - 50,000, Light Special and Extra Ball. When the award is collected, the VADER lights will reset.

When lit awards are not ready, shooting the attack kicker 5 times will award a bonus held; bonus multipliers will be held over for the next ball.

Collecting the attack reward also counts as 1 TIE fighter kill and is added to the TIE fighter kill tally.

The Force Kickback

The left outlane Kickback is lit at the start of each new ball and is unlit when used for the rest of the ball.

A Jedi's quick reactions can save the ball using the Force, this will re-activate the Kickback. When the ball is heading down the left outlane, nudge the table hard to activate the Kickback (only when the player is a Jedi Knight, Master or Yoda).

Jedi Rank Up

When a wave of TIE fighters are destroyed, the next Jedi rank is ready at the Vader Kicker (upper left lane.) Shoot the Vader kicker to advance to the next rank:

Jedi Knight
Jedi Master
Yoda (Jedi Grand Master)

Each time a new rank is awarded, all score values increase.

Light Sabre Bonus

Qualifying shots will advance the Rebel Alliance or Galactic Empire light sabre bonuses. This bonus is collected at the end of each ball and the value is multiplied by the current Bonus Multiplier.

When the bonus count is complete, the Lightsabres will animate and strike each other. The wining faction will have their Lightsabre on top. For the last ball, the Lightsabres will animate a stronger strike for the win.

Final Confrontation - Vader vs Skywalker

After advancing to Yoda, the next shot to the Vader kicker will start the Death Star (30 second) countdown and add another ball into play (Darth Vader).

Shoot the Death Star kicker before the timer counts down to destroy it (only a shot from the plunger lane with the silver ball qualifies.)

If either of the 2 balls in play drains, or the timer runs out, the Death Star will fire it's Super Laser at the rebel base and destroy it. The Empire will win and the game resets for a new round.

Shoot the Falcon kicker to send the ball to the plunger lane and then press the launch button to fire the ball for a direct hit on the Death Star's exhaust port.

The ball ejected from the Vader Kicker will be black like Darth Vader himself. The ball will automatically turn back to silver when the mode is over.

Victory Multiball

After successfully destroying the Death Star, the Victory Multiball will start. 3 balls are ejected into play and all targets and kickers score a progressive value.

When only 1 ball remains in play, the table will reset for a new round.


You have 1 objective - destroy the Death Star, but only 5 minutes to do it.

Unlimited balls with numerous opportunities to extend the timer, such as:

- hit the Vader lane 6 times (+15 secs)
- complete VADER targets and shoot the Attack Saucer (progressive, starting at +10 secs)
- complete SOLO and shoot the ramp (+15 secs)
- max the Bonus Multiplier (+20 secs)
- enable Turbo Bumpers (+5 secs)
- power up to next Jedi rank (+20 secs)
- make a SOLO combo shot (+10 secs)

The main score display will show time remaining in minutes and seconds. There are no points scored in this mode, it's all about time. And any ball drained is fired immediately back into play, no end of ball bonus.

The player needs to clear each wave of 7 TIE fighters and power up to 'Skywalker'. Then shoot the Vader lane to start the final confrontation with Darth Vader.

Shoot the Death Star saucer with Luke (silver ball only) before time runs out to
destroy the Death Star.

If either ball drains or the timer runs out, the Death Star destroys the Rebel base and all your friends are don't screw up.

The Force Nudge

When the ball is heading down the left or right outlanes, nudging the table quickly will enable Force Powers and save the ball from the drain. Force Powers are only available to a Jedi so the player must first reach the rank of Jedi Knight to use them.

Points Reward

The points you score during a game can be used to make adjustments to your next game. You must score at least 1 million points to qualify for Points Reward. Follow the on screen instructions and make your selection by pressing the plunger button.

Points Rewards are:

1m - 2m: Ball Saver + 5 secs
2m - 3m: start as Padawan
3m - 4m: reduce shot qualifiers for Vader and Red Squadron Bonus (by 2 shots)
4m - 5m: Ball Saver + 10 secs
5m - 6m: Extra Ball
6m onwards: start as Jedi Knight

Adjustments are cleared at the end of each game, and the option to make adjustments will time out (after 4 seconds) if no player input is made.

Note: On a real world machine this option doesn't exist but if it did, using Points Reward would void the high score entry. Only 'pure' scores would qualify.

Once the adjustments are confirmed, the player has 30 seconds to start the next game otherwise the game will reset and all the adjustments are cleared.

This feature is designed for novice players. Pros can ignore it completely.

Multiplayer Games

Up to 4 players can play in multiplayer. Each player is given a Red Squadron call sign: Player 1 is always "Red 5"; Player 2 is "Red 2"; Player 3 is "Red 3" and Player 4 is "Red 6".

When a multiplayer game is over, the winner is announced by their call sign.

Match and Keep Playing

Match the last 2 digits of your score with a random number (00 - 90) to win an extra ball and keep playing.
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