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Star Wars - Empire Edition (Original)

SS Original Table FP Star Wars - Empire Edition (Original) v1.05

No permission to download
Solid State Machines
at 2012-03-05
Type Original

Empire Edition version of my Star Wars table with new graphics and sound fx.

Same rules as my Star Wars table but this time you play as Darth Vader and the aim of the game is to destroy the Planet Yavin.

To get the Death Star within firing range, you must first destroy waves of X-Wing fighters and advance up the Sith ranks. You can only fire the Death Star's Superlaser when the final Multi-Ball mode starts.

During Multi-Ball a 30 second countdown timer appears. You must fire the Superlaser before the time runs out otherwise the Rebel Alliance will destroy the Death Star.


Keep an eye on the X-Wing tally on the backglass - every 50 you destroy earns an extra ball.

The first music track is from the Asteroid sequence in Empire Strikes Back. All other music is from Star Wars.


Table created using FP Dev Team's Sci-Fi Classic.

** Version 1.05 **

- improved lighting
- fixed ball getting stuck in bumper area
- added Man Down gameplay feature
- improved physics (optimized for 2.3)
- fixed some overlapping quotes
- reduced the amount of TIE Fighters to be destroyed for Extra Ball to 25
- add ball rolling sound

Version 1.04:

- added a Lightsabre model that lights up during play
- added dynamic lighting effects
- added new backglass and cabinet art
- improved some sound effects and added some new ones
- improved physics

Version 1.03:

- improved lighting.
- added testing keys for both end movies (R and M).
- increased the size of the hologram.
- improved ball rolling sound accuracy.
- changed rubber colours from white to black.
- added music to high score table (when game is paused).
- added ball drop sound for left ramp.

Version 1.02:

- added gameroom wall with Star Wars theme.
- improved ball rolling sounds.
- improved physics.
- added more voice samples (depending on which version you already have).

*** Version 1.1 ***

- Added a few more sound samples.
- Adjusted playfield lighting.
- Improved ball-rolling sounds.
- Fixed some sound samples that would overlap each other.
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