Superman - Man of Steel Edition (Original)

SS Original Table FP Superman - Man of Steel Edition (Original) v1.03

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Solid State Machines
at 2011-01-30
Type Original

An original Superman-themed table.

The aim of the table is to fight and banish 3 Supervilians to the Phantom Zone. You will face them individually (missions) and collectively (multi-ball).


Activate each mission by lighting S-U-P-E-R. You then have to complete a timed challenge to defeat the Supervillian (Non and Ursa only). When defeated you then have the opportunity to score a big bonus by banishing the Supervillian to the Phantom Zone. You do this by hitting the Chamber Kicker after each successful mission.


Supervillian Multi-ball is activated when 3 balls are locked in Lex Luthor's Lair (left ramp). Hit the flashing targets to get the Jackpot and Super Jackpot during this mode.

Superman vs Zod:

The final confrontation between Superman and Zod requires you to hit any object on the playfield to throw a punch. The punch will favour either Superman or Zod. A display on the backglass will show the progress of the fight. If Superman wins you will win 1 Million points and get the chance to banish Zod to the Phantom Zone for another 5 Million points (and win the game). If Zod wins you only win 1 Million points and the game resets. The punches are scored randomly so you'll never know who will win, just keep the ball in play!
Version 1.03:

- improved lighting.
- improved boll rolling sound and accuracy.
- improved physics.
- moved flippers back slightly.
- added themed gameroom with Superman Logo neon light.

*** Version 1.1 ***

- backglass attract mode now stops playing during a game.
- added scroll on/off which is activated by pressing the Special Key.

Dedicated to the memory of Christopher Reeve.
Bally's Star Trek table layout was used to create this table.

The movie clips, sounds and music are from the Superman Motion Pictures owned by Warner Brothers.

Superman Logo and Character owned by DC Comics.


I originally created this table using only the comic book versions of Superman. I added all the movie stuff later, which is why the final table is a bit of mixture.

Jerry Seinfield is a huge Superman fan. And I'm a huge Seinfeld fan, so I sent this table to his agent hoping it would reach him. I haven't received a response yet but I'm sure he's playing it!

The first FP table to feature ball-rolling sounds.
The first FP table to feature full-motion movie clips.
The first FP table to feature fading lights.
The first FP table to feature Marlon Brando!
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