The Machine Bride of Pinbot (Williams, 1991) ULTIMATE

Williams SS Recreation FP The Machine Bride of Pinbot (Williams, 1991) ULTIMATE v1.02 Physics 2.6

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by Flash, jc144, Jet082, Larsboy, polygame, SLAMT1LT
at 2013-11-09
Type Recreation (real pinball)
Manufacturer Williams Electronic Games, Incorporated, a subsidiary of WMS Ind., Incorporated (1985-1999)
Tradename Williams
Date 1991
IPD No. 1502

FP Physics 2.6

"ULTIMATE" Editions are the very best versions of all my tables. Better than "ULTRA", "GOLD" and "VIP"

** Version 1.01 Ultimate **

Optimized for Physics 2.6

A finished reproduction of the popular 1991 table.

Press 'P' to power the table after loading it.

This table is a mod of :
The Machine: Bride of Pin-bot 0.76
"ULTIMATE" Editions are the very best versions of all my tables. Better than "ULTRA", "GOLD" and "VIP"


FP Recreation Created By:

- Lars Thomas Boye

MOD by:


** Version 1.07 **

- fixed face not showing up on some systems
- removed ball bounce from flipper lanes
- added flipper catch sound

** Version 1.06 **

- table now starts powered on

- small improvments to graphics and physics.

** Version 1.05 ** (Jet082)

- Billionaire Shot scripted.

- Billionaire Club added, with the ability to save and load the names on the list.

- Multiball Popup timing fixed.

- Fixed bug with losing a ball to Power Charge/Small Wheel kicker if triggered by two balls in the same time frame.

- Added state delay after triggered Metamorphosis (otherwise the Big Wheel could be triggered at the same time).

- Optics lock no longer resets after losing a ball.

- Losing the first ball during multiball no longer immediately ends the round.

- Power Charge score amount reset to 100k at the beginning of each multiball.

- Loop Count is reset to 0 after every round (instead of skipping extra balls).

- Bonus multiplier and Skill Shot Multiplier now displays correctly when double digits.

- Increased pulse state added (first locked ball after Metamorphosis), which grants 250k.

- Spinning the Big Wheel grants a base 1 million points (along with whatever reward from the spin).

- Improved Flipper accuracy.

- Various sounds have been added:

= Added sounds to the Small Wheel kicker when entered after multiball (including when the Bride turns back).

= Added a number of missing voice files, including a Billionaire Club welcome, shuttle launch request, and the bride singing after achieving Metamorphosis.

= Added a missing sound to the Big Wheel

= Added sound effects for applying the bonus multiplier at the end of a round.

= Added missing songs (during the Metamorphosis phase, and after achieving 1 billion points).

** Version 1.04 **

- improved lighting effects
- added new mechanical sounds
- fixed Mediation Error when Billion Points are awarded
- improved physics

** Version 1.03 **

- added a power on/off switch to reset or start the game (press P).
- added better lighting
- improved sound
- added gameroom and cabinets
- removed all the annoying ball rolling sounds!

Version 1.2 (polygame)
- Ball Stuck in the back because of a bracket

Version 1.1 (slamtilt)
- fixed the top gates to stop the ball getting stuck.

Many thanks to all the original contributors to this excellent table. I'm sure you'll all agree that this table needed to be finished.
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