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VP9 SS Original Table Harry Potter and the Silverball Dream (Original) VP9 2020-01-28

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Double Potions Pinball Productions PresentsHarry Potter and the Silverball DreamVisual Pinball Table DPT-9001

Experience Harry Potter's wizarding world with the Muggle program Visual Pinball
The series, locations, characters, and objects from Harry Potter used in this table were originally created
by J.K. Rowling. Special thanks go to her for creating this excellent novel series, and to Warner Bros. for producing
the excellent movie version.
Game music composed by John Williams, taken from the Sorceror's Stone, Chamber of Secrets and Prisoner of Azkaban movie soundtracks produced by Warner Bros.
Table was made by a fan of both Harry Potter and pinball, and is not to be sold by anyone

Author: Neo

Table Version: 1.0.0

Version Date: 3/4/2011
Players: 1-4

1 Replay at 5,200,000 points (default)

1 Replay at 9,600,000 points (default)

3 Replays for beating the High Score (default)

Author's Notes:
This is meant to be a partial re-imagining of my first Harry-themed table. This has some elements of that table but this one is loosely
based around the first four years of the series. The goal here was not to recrate everything that happens in those four years
(IMO no single table can hope to accomplish that), but rather the intent is to capture some of the flavor of wizarding world that we saw in
the early parts of the series before it gets dark later. The table is built as an 80s-style solid-state machine with with Gottlieb-style
displays on both the backdrop and table. These were obtained from Bendigo's LED code table and adapted for use in this table.
The result is a much simpler Harry Potter-themed table with (hopefully) easy-to-understand rules.
This table was built with VP 9.08, so you'll need at least VP version 9.0.x in order to run it. I have also run it in the newest VP 9.1.1, so
9.10+ users should be able to run the table with no problems.
See the Table Info for the full rulesheet, or press the 'R' key for a simplified rulecard. The zip file also includes a text version of the rulesheet.

Press the 'T' key to show the replay scores
' Press the 'S' key to show game statistics
' Press F2 for Help, Press F6 to enter the Option Menu

FUll Version File listing

This zip file contains the following:

This readme file
The table file (Harry Potter and the Silverball Dream.vpt)
A full-size dedication plaque image that is on the left ball-return lane
A text version of the rulesheet
Scorecard/rulecard images
mp3 files of the game music

Game Music (these need to go into your VP Music folder)

This table also uses the LoadValue/SaveValue functions in Visual Pinball, which loads and saves to the file VPreg.stg. This is known to cause problems if you do not run VP in the same folder as it is installed, and also if the file is marked as Read-Only, so you'll need to keep that in mind.

Hope you like it, If you have any questions, suggestions, or constructive comments about this table, you can PM me if you're a member of pinballnirvana.com, VPForums.org or pinball-originals.com. Or, you can email me at dblpotionspinball@sbcglobal.net.

Take Care

Double Potions With Slytherin Pinball Productions

Double Potions Pinball Productions Presents

Harry Potter and the Silverball Dream
Visual Pinball Table DPT-9002
Players: 1-4
Balls Per Game: 3 by default
1 Replay at 5,200,000; 1 Replay at 9,600,000 (default)
3 Replays for Beating the High Score (default)

Objective: Experience the wizarding world of Harry Potter, pinball-style!

Table rules/scoring

= Nimbus 2000 Lanes; Each is 500 points and +1 Knut. Completing 2-0-0-0 scores 5,000 points, advances the bonus multiplier and adds 1 Knut and 1 Sickle. If the multiplier is already at 6x completing is an additional 5,000 points and adds 1 Knut and 2 Sickles.

= East/West Towers: 250 points and +1 Knut each. Every 10 Tower hits during normal play scores 10,000 points. The Spell Chamber is lit for an extra ball at 20 Tower hits, and every 40 afterward.

= W-A-N-D Drop Targets: 900 points and 1 Knut each. Completion is 5,000 points, adds 5 Knuts and 1 Sickle, and if the Spell Shot is lit when WAND is completed, the value of the spell cast is doubled.

= S-P-E-L-L Target: 500 points and +1 Knut. Complete SPELL for 2,500 points and to light the Cast Spell shot

= S-N-A-P-E Target: 150 points. Conplete SNAPE for 2500 points and to open the Dungeon for Double-Potions Mode

= Ramp Flights: Each shot around the East/West towers is 1,500 points. Each Ramp Flight advances the Hogwarts crest during normal play. Complete the crest to light the tower locks for Quidditch Multiball. Complete Combos for additional points

2-Way 5,000 points
3-Way 10,000 points, +5,000 Special Bonus
4-Way 25,000 points
5-Way 50,000 points, Spinner Bewitched for 30 seconds
6-Way 75,000 points, +10,000 to Special Bonus
7+Way 100,000 points

= Hogwarts Spinner: 100-2,000 points per spin. Advanced by 100 on each SNAPE/SPELL target hit. Spinner scores 10x normal value if Bewitched (indicated by the changing light colors beneath the spinner)

= Spell Shot: Shoot the Spell Chamber when "Cast Spell" is lit to cast a spell. Spells are scored in sequence and the sequence is reset after 10 spells are cast. Spell point values are doubled if "2x Spell" is lit

1: Lumos: 5,000 points
2: Reparo: 10,000 points, 2x Dursley Bonus Lit
3: Stupefy: 20,000 points, Spinner Bewitched 30 seconds
4: Petrificus: 50,000 points, Special Bonus Held*
5: Patronus: 50,000 points, Ball Saver lit 20 seconds
6: Wingardium Leviosa: 100,000 points, Flying Lesson Lit
7: Ridikkulus: 100,000 points, Spinner Bewitched 60 Seconds
8: Ennervate: 150,000 points, Advance Bonus Multiplier
9: Impervius: 150,000 points, Extra Ball Lit
10: Expelliarmus: 200,000 points, Special Lit

*Special Bonus is Held if the game is not on the final ball

= Double-Potions Mode: Shoot Dungeon when lit. Clock is set to 30 or 45 seconds. Shoot lit shots in sequence to successfully make Potions. Ramp Flights add 5 seconds to the time unless they are a required shot for the potion. Potions are scored in sequence throughout the game and the sequence resets every 6 Potions. Made Potion shots are 1,000 points each. All points from Potions are added to the Special Bonus awarded at the end of the current ball.

1: 2 Shots; 10,000 points, +2 Knuts, +1 Sickle, +20 seconds, Spinner Bewitched for 30 seconds
2: 3 Shots: 25,000 points, +3 Knuts, +3 Sickles, +20 Seconds
3: 4 Shots: 50,000 points, +4 Knuts, +4 Sickles, +15 seconds, 2x Dursley Bonus Lit
4: 5 Shots: 100,000 points, +5 Knuts, +5 Sickles, +15 Seconds
5: 6 Shots: 200,000 points, +5 Knuts, +5 Sickles, +1 Galleon, Special bonus of 1,000 points times the amount of time remaining

= Flying Lesson: Shoot Spell Chamber when lit to start. Clock is set to 40 seconds. All Ramp Flights are 10,000 points, and 3-way Combos score 50,000 points. All points scored in Flying Lesson Mode are added to the SPecial Bonus

= Quidditch Multiball (3-ball): Complete the crest by shooting four Ramp Flights in one ball to light the tower locks. Lock 2 balls in the East/West Towers to light the North Tower. Lock the third ball in the North Tower to start multiball. During multiball

-All Ramp Flights score 100,000 points, and add 10,000 points to the Special Bonus
- After 10 seconds have elapsed (countdown is displayed on the playfield), the Golden Snitch appears (a rapidly moving random shot).
- Shoot the lit shot to catch the Snitch. Doing so scores 1,500,000 points and adds 50,000 points to the Special Bonus
- Once the Snitch is caught, the Hogwarts crest resets and the jackpots shut down. Complete the crest again with 2+ balls in play to relight the ramps and start the 10-second Snitch countdown again.
- If the Multiball Ball Saver option is nonzero, the Ball Saver is activated for the duration of the option in Quidditch Multiball

= House Multiball (2-ball): Get 50 total hits on the House Bumpers to level up the bumpers. This will also activate the North Tower for House Multiball (unless Quidditch is available, then the table will activate it after the player completes Quidditch). Once activated, it will remain available until it is started or the current ball ends. The count of bumoper hits to the next level reset on either the current ball or after completion of House Multiball.

- All Towers are 100,000 points during House Multiball, and add 5,000 points to the Special Bonus
- One randomly-chosen House Bumper will add 1,000 points to the Special Bonus for each hit during House Multiball, as indicated by the designated bumper flashing. The designated bumper changes with each slingshot hit
- If the Multiball Ball Saver option is nonzero, the Ball Saver is activated for the duration of the option in Quidditch Multiball

H-P Inlanes: Each is 1000 points. Completion is 2500 points and lights the Scar Shot for 30 seconds.

= Scar Shot: Shoot the Dungeon when the blue Scar is lit. Point award appears in Special Bonus display for a couple seconds then gets added to the player's score. Scar Awards apppear in sequence throughout the game and are reset after every 10 Scar Shots. The awards are

1: 5,000 points, 2x Dursley Bonus Lit
2: 10,000 points, Flying Lesson Lit
3: 20,000 points
4: 50,000 points
5: 50,000 points, adds 10,000 to Special BOnus
6: 50,000 points, Special Bonus Held*
7: 100,000 points, Advance Bonus Multiplier
8: 100,000 points, +1-10 Knuts, +1-5 Sickles, +1-2 Galleons
9: 150,000 points, Extra Ball Lit
10: 200,000 points, Special Lit

= Outlanes: These normally score the Dursley Bonus (see below), but depending on what has transpired during the game, there are other lights in the outlanes that may affect how the outlanes are treated.

Dursley Bonus: 100 points for each Knut, 2,900 points for each Sickle, no multipliers

2x Dursley Bonus (Left Outlane): When Lit, the Dursley Bonus the player normally collects is doubled

Last Chance (Right Outlane): This will only be lit on the final ball of the game (with no extra balls to play. This will be shut down if the player geta an extra ball), AND there is at least one ball locked in the towers. When lit, if the ball travels down the right outlane, any balls locked in the towers are released into play and the game continues. The Hogwarts crest is reset and the locks shut down, but the locks can be relit again by completing the crest again.

= End-Of-Ball Bonus: Like Harry Potter and His Wonderous World (my first Harry table), the bonus calculated by the table at the end of the ball is partially derived by the ratios of monetary units defined in the Harry Potter novels. There it was established that the wizarding world has three main units of currency: Copper Knuts, Silver Sickles, and Golden Galleons.
During the game, players accumulate these for completing various things, and the points earned are proportionate to the ratios defined in the novels.

1 Knut (base unit) = 100 points each
1 Sickle = 29 Knuts = 2,900 points each
1 Galleon = 17 Sickles = 493 Knuts = 49,300 points each

With these ratios in mind, the end-of-ball bonus is determined as follows:

- The table will first add the total accumulated Special Bonus to the player's score first as the Special Bonus is not affected by the bonus multiplier.
- Once this is completed, the table will take the total Knuts, Sickles, and Galleons and add them up based on the ratios above.
- It will then add 1,000 points for each Ramp Flight and Spell accrued in the game at that point, and 10,000 points for each completed Potion. This total is then multiplied by the bonus multiplier and then it is added to the player's score.

The money and spell/ramp/potion counters are persistent with the player for the entire game (they will not reset) unless the player tilts

= Tilt Penalty: If the player tilts, in addition to the loss of the ball and any bonus accumulated, all money accumulated is lost except for 1 Knut. All monies forfeited by tilting are donated to Dolores Umbridge's personal fund...she needs to upgrade her wardrobe :-) All Potions, Spells, and Flights are still retained even if the player tilts.

= Coloring Up: When your total Knuts reach or exceed 29 and/or your total Sickles reach or exceed 17, a gold-colored light next to the money counters will turn on. When this is lit, press either the left or right Magna-Save keys to have the table do a color-up of your money. The Knuts are divided by 29, with every 29 Knuts being converted into 1 Sickle, and the remainder goes back into the Knuts counter. Once the Knuts are converted, the Sickles are divided by 17, with every 17 Sickles being converted into 1 Galleon, and the remainder goes back into the Sickles counter.

Option Menu

Press F6 to enter the Option Menu while the table is in attract mode. The table has 20 options a user can access.

Option Menu Keys

8-Key=Previous Choice
9-Key=Next Choice

Press the 8 and 9 keys to cycle through the options. Press the 0 key when you get to the option you wish to change, press the 8 and 9 keys again to cycle through the option values. Press the 0 key to confirm your choice, and press the 7 key to go back to the options without making a change. Press 7 when you're in the main options to restart the table.


Press the R-Key to see a simplified rule


Press the T-Key to see the score card showing the current replay scores
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