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Tokimeki Forever With You (Original) VP8

VP8 SS Original Table Tokimeki Forever With You (Original) VP8 v2.0 2020-01-28

No permission to download
Music Pack File is Here:
Tokimeki Forever With You Music Pack

Double Potions Pinball Productions Presents
Tokimeki Forever With You
Visual Pinball Table DPS-004, Version 2.0
Version Date: 5/11/2008
Table Design and Script by Neo (2004,2008)

Based on the Tokimeki Memorial Forever With You console game produced by Konami of Japan.

Game music taken from the Japanese CDs Tokimeki Memorial Sound Collection, and from the Tokimeki Memorial OVA soundtrack.

This table was produced by a fan for fans of the series, anime in general, and pinball, in an effort to show appreciation
for this series, and to recognize the 10th anniversary of the game series. No infringement of any copyright holders is intended. This table is meant for free download by one and all and should not be sold in any form by anyone.

Please ask for my explicit permission before modifying this table for public release. Personal mods for your own use are
okay, but unauthorized mods will not bode well with me. This table is released with only Save As Protected locked out.

That being said, let's get on with it :)

The update to 2.0 was long-overdue, and has some minor bugfixes as well as some new features, including a new score display system used on the table, new backglass art, tweaks of the playfield and flippers to make shots easier to hit, increased the tables ability to retain the playfield state, added new Timed-Game and Single-Girl optional game modes.

Updates/Fixes Since 1.0
-Replaced the text-based display system for game/stat scores and credit/ball displays to a reel-based system
-Fixed a missing-timer issue from 1.0 involving the Concert kicker
-Table will now retain the state of S-L-O-T, S-A-K-I, and the loop status between players/balls
-Flipper tweaks to improve realism and aiming-Rebuilt playfield to make the Stadium, Concert, and Museum areas easier to hit-Rebuilt the attract mode lights to behave similarly to the lights on BGC 2035
-Added operator system. Press F6 to access. Options appear as numbers in the Credit display. See table rules for the settings. Options to include setting balls per game, replay scores and credit structure-Implemented a more-realistic table cabinet
-Rebuilt the backdrop and added additional backdrops to choose from
-Implemented additional music for the table
-Added invisible wall to keep ball out of the gap when the upper flipper is up
-Added script fix to handle the DisplayStats sub when call with < 0 or > 4 players
-Changed slots to allow the player to have some control over when the reels stop using the flipper keys
-Added Single-Girl Game option (it is selected by setting Option 18 to 1)-Added Timed Game option (selected by setting Option 19 to 1 or 2)
-New playfield image-based decals-Removed key commands to reset high scores. This is now done through the Operator Mode options.

Download notes:

There are two zip files associated with this table. The table zip itself, and the music pack.

The table zip (approx 4.1MB) should have the following files

Tokimeki Forever With You 2.0.vpt (table file)
Tokimeki Forever With You 2.0 Rulesheet.txt (text-based rulesheet. A rulesheet in MS Word format is available. PM or email me if you want it.
Blklitn.ttf (table text/decals)
Eggcrate.ttf (Slots display)
This readme file

Install the ttf files to your Windows Fonts folder, and the vpt table file to your Visual Pinball/Tables folder.

The music pack (approx 13.0MB) should have the following files


These music files should go into your Visual Pinball/Music folder. You will need to create this folder if you don't already
have it.

This table also uses the LoadValue/SaveValue functions in Visual Pinball, which loads and saves to the file VPreg.stg. This
is known to cause problems if you do not run VP in the same folder as it is installed, and also if the file is marked as
Read-Only, so you'll need to keep that in mind.

Rules and scoring for the table can be found in the Table Info section (In the VP editor, select Table|Table Info...). There is also a text version of the rulesheet in the table zip file.

This table uses the standard VP key settings for flippers, plunger, and nudging, add credit, and start game.
The "S" Key during attract mode brings up a statistics display showing the table high score, the number of games played,
the highest score attained (may not be the same as the table high score), the average score, and the number of replays won.

Well, enjoy! If you have any suggestions, complients, or constructive comments, you can PM me if you are a member of
vpForums.com. Additionally, you can PM me at pinball-originals.com or here at Pinball Nirvana. You can also email me at dblpotionspinball@sbcglobal.net

Take Care

Double Potions Pinball Productions

"Rage Your Dream"
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