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VP8 SS Original Table Initial D Pinball Stage (Original) VP8 v1.3 2020-01-28

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Initial D Pinball Stage....A Game of Road Racing in The Mountains of Gunma

Double Potions With Slytherin's Initial D Pinball Stage
Current Version: 1.3

A Table of Battles and Road Racing for Visual Pinball 8 (a version that works better with VP9 is in the works)

1 to 4 Players
3 or 5 Balls Per Game. See D-Status Display for Replay Scores
1 Replay for beating Replay Score
1 Replay for making a Top Racer High Score
1 Replay for Legendary Racer Champion
3 Replays for making Grand Champion

This is the second anime-themed pinball table I have developed for Visual Pinball. This was actually the first anime table I have started, and the second overall, but I got Yu-Gi-Oh! Duelist's Pinball finished first, as I wanted this to be as perfect as I could get. This is themed around one of my all-time favorite anime series, Initial D. Set in the mountains of Japan's Gunma Prefecture, Initial D is the story of an eighteen-year-old high school kid named Takumi Fujiwara, and his progression as a Road Racer by engaging in races (battles) around the region. Races in this series are run on mountain passes, where the roads have tight hairpin corners and short straights. Most battles are downhill, but the series does feature some uphill battles.

In Initial D Pinball Stage, you as the player have an opportunity to become a legendary Road Racer. You will be able to take on opposing cars in multiball battle modes for glory, satisfaction, and the admiration of the galleries. Deal with two opponents at once in the Iroha Challenge, and test your shot-making skills in the Autocross Challenge.

You can score big on combos, modes, and the insane D-Multiball. If you're skilled enough, dare to complete all other game modes to instigate the 5-ball Legendary Racer Multiball, a celebration of the skilled player's worthiness as a Road Racer.

I originally built this back in 2003. I'd actually started this one before starting on Yu-Gi-Oh but I got Yu-Gi-Oh done first. This was built before I learned about putting rails and adding a virtual cabinet to the table so this one doesn't have them. I looked into it later but decided at the time it was more work than I really wanted to deal with so I left it. There are some TrueType Fonts that should go in the Windows Fonts folder, and the game music should go in the VP Music folder.

Initial D Table Features, Rules, and Scoring:
Skill Shot: Shoot the flashing green rollover lane on ball launch for 5,000,000 and +5 to the Bonus Multiplier on the first Skill Shot of the game. Each successive Skill Shot adds 1,000,000 to the Skill Shot bonus

Tachometer: Advanced by Loops. Reaching 7000 rpm lights the next D-mode, and or each loop attained after the tachometer reaches 8000 rpm, 5,000,000 points are scored. The tachometer will not advance when the table is in a mode, or it's ready for D-Multiball. The tachometer is advanced by 1000 RPM for each loop in a 5-ball game (you'll light a mode in 6 loops), and by 2000 RPM in a 3-ball game (you'll light a mode in 3 loops).

D-R-I-F-T: Scores 1,000,000 and adds 1 to the Bonus Multiplier

A-E-8-6: Scores 1,000,000 and advances the Field Multiplier

G-S: Scores 1,000,000, lights CN9A lane, and activates Car Lanes

K-I-D-S: Scores 2,000,000 and adds 2 to the Bonus Multiplier.

Car Lanes: Shoot the outer lanes when "CAR" is lit to ready a loop for one of 6 Cars. Complete all Cars to light Extra Ball. After an extra ball is awarded, complete G-S to reset the cars to start-of-game status.

Car 1: AE86 Trueno. Shoot Akina Loop for 5,000,000 points
Car 2: FC3S RX-7. Shoot Akina Loop for 5,000,000 points
Car 3: R32 GT-R: Shoot Myogi Loop for 10,000,000 points
Car 4: CN9A Evo IV: Shoot Usui Loop for 10,000,000 points. Doing so advances C-N-9-A by one step if not already filled
Car 5: S13 Silvia: Shoot Akina Loop for 15,000,000 points
Car 6: 86 Levin Turbo: Shoot Usui Loop for 15,000,000 points

Mystery: Shoot Akina Lake when lit to score a random award. Awards include:

* D-Points: Scores 1,000,000 to 10,000,000 points
* Spot A Car: Awards one of the six cars. If all the cars are filled, it resets them.
* Start Mode: Starts the current D-Mode. If all modes are complete, the table awards a special bonus of 25,000,000 points
* D-Locks Lit: Automatically activates the locks for D-Multiball
* Kickbacks Lit: Lights the kickbacks on both outlanes
* Special Lit: Lights Special.
* Advance Autocross: Advances A-U-T-O-C-R-O-S-S by one letter
* Advance CN9A: Advances the C-N-9-A lights by 1
* Multipliers Held: Holds the multipliers for the next ball.
* Bonus Held: Holds the overall total bonus for the next ball.
* Advance Field Multiplier: Advances the table multiplier by 1
* Bonus Multiplier: Adds 1 to 5 to the Bonus Multiplier.
* 15,000,000!: Awards 15,000,000 points
* Extra Ball Lit: Lights the extra ball shot
* ID Targets 5,000,000: The four ID Targets start flashing and are worth 5,000,000 points when hit. Once they are hit, they will go back to being worth 50,000 points, and will stop flashing.

Loops: Akina and Usui Loops score 1,000,000 each. Myogi Loop scores 2,000,000. Shoot multiple loops when Combo is lit for Combo Shots that score 5,000,000 or more depending on the number of shots made in the combo. The maximum combo the table allows is an 8-Way Combo (worth 50,000,000). If ramp shots are still made after that, it'll be scored as an 8-Way Combo until the combo lights go out.

Tofu Shop Target: Each hit scores 500,000 points. Shoot the indicated number of times to light locks for D-Multiball

D-Multiball (Music: "Grand Prix" by Dave Rodgers): Starting D-Multiball lites the "D-Multiball" Stage Light. Lock 3 balls in the Tofu Shop or Akina Lake when lit for D-Multiball. Shoot Loops to score D-Jackpots. 1 Loop is 1x D-Jackpot, 2 Loops is 2x D-Jackpot, 3 Loops is 3x D-Jackpot. As each loop is made, the jackpot is disabled on that loop until all three loops are hit, then the jackpot is reset, and all three loops are relit. Jackpots are lit until multiball ends.

Game Modes

D-Modes: Completing all 8 D-Modes lites the "All D-Modes" Stage Light. The D-Modes are: Tofu Delivery, Myogi Challenge, Tour of Gunma, Battle FD, Battle R32, Gumtape Deathmatch, Sudden-Death Deathmatch, and Battle FC. Each mode in Initial D has its own music taken directly from the series, performed by artists from Avex Mode/Super Eurobeat.

Tofu Delivery (Music: "Space Boy" by Dave Rodgers): Mode runs 30 seconds. The goal is to shoot up to 3 Akina Loops. The first scores 5,000,000, the second is 10,000,000, and the third is 15,000,000. Shooting Akina Lake adds 10 seconds to your time. If all three shots are made before time expires, 15,000,000 will be added to the end of ball bonus.

Myogi Challenge (Music: "Break In2 the Night" by move): This mode lasts 60 seconds. Shoot the Myogi Loop up to five times. The scoring is the same as Tofu Delivery (forst is 5,000,000, the second is 10,000,000, the third is 15,000,000, the fourth is 20,000,000, and the fifth is 25,000,000). If you get all five loops before the time expires, a bonus of 25,000,000 points is added to the end-of-ball bonus.

Tour of Gunma (Music: "Love is in Danger" by Priscilla): Special tour of the playfield. Mode lasts 45 seconds. During this time, all targets score 250,000 points, and all Loops score 5,000,000 points. The total when time expires is added to the end-of-ball bonus.

Battle Multiballs

The following describes the individual Battle Multiball modes in Initial D Pinball Stage. Each mode is different, however, all the battle modes do have a few things in common.

1. The player's silver ball always represents the AE86 Trueno. Opponent balls are represented by different colors.
2. The ball shields are active for a period of time; the D-Clock display will show how much time until the shields drop, NOT the time remaining in the mode. Except for the FD and FC battles, the mode will only end when there is only one ball on the table. Balls can still drain even with the shields up, though, so you'll need to keep that in mind.
3. Although the goal of each of these modes is to score higher than the opposing balls, all balls that hit all targets will score the normal target scoring for the player regardless of color. The targets that are hit by balls during the battle modes (except spinners and ramps/loops except where otherwise noted) will also record points for the appropriate ball. Individual totals during modes are displayed in the D-Status Display.
4. Spinners and ramp shots (unless otherwise noted) do not add points to any ball during a battle mode. They will still score the usual points for the player.

Hopefully this makes sense. Just read this section carefully, and see what the different conditions and scoring are. All balls will score the normal target's points regardless of its color, so it is to the player's advantage to keep all balls in play as long as possible. Strategy plays a role in attaing maximum point potential for the battle modes.

Battle FD (2-Ball Battle Multiball, Music: "Running in the 90s" by Max Coveri): A yellow ball is launched into play and the ball shields are active for 30 seconds. The goal is to score more points with your silver ball than the opposing yellow ball. All targets score normally except for the Akina Loop, which adds 5,000,000 points to the respective ball's total. The mode ends when one ball drains, or either ball accumulates the goal score of 20,000,000 points. If the player's ball wins or ties the opponent's ball, he gets the points accumulated by both balls in the end of ball bonus. If the player loses, the player only gets the points accumulated by his own ball in the end of ball bonus. If you win the Battle FD mode, the bonus and field multipliers will be held for the next ball.

Battle R32 (2-ball Battle Multiball, Music: "Back on the Rocks" by Mega Nrg Man): A black ball is launched into play and the ball shields are active for 30 seconds. All targets score 300,000 points for this mode, with the Myogi loop adding 5,000,000 to the total of the ball that scores the loop. The mode only ends when one ball drains. If the player's ball wins or ties the opponent's ball, he gets the points accumulated by both balls in the end of ball bonus. If the player loses, the player only gets the points accumulated by his own ball in the end of ball bonus.

Gumtape Deathmatch (2-ball Battle Multiball, Music: "Dancing" by Vicky Vale): A red ball is launched into play, with the ball shields active for 30 seconds. In this mode the upper flippers are disabled. All targets score 250,000 points, with the pop bumpers adding 50,000 points to the value. The mode only ends when one ball drains. If the player's ball wins or ties the opponent's ball, he gets the points accumulated by both balls in the end of ball bonus. If the player loses, the player only gets the points accumulated by his own ball in the end of ball bonus.

Sudden-Death Deathmatch (2-ball Battle Multiball, Music: "Wings of Fire" by Mako & Sayuki): In this mode, a blue ball is launched into play, and the ball shields are raised for 30 seconds. The goal is to shoot more Usui loops than the opponent ball. The mode ends when one ball drains. If the player ties or has more loops than the opponent, he scores 5,000,000 points x the total number of loops accumulated by both balls. If the opponent has more loops, the player gets 3,000,000 points x the number of his own loops. In the event of a 0-0 tie, the player gets a default of 5,000,000 points. If the players loses and has 0 loops, he gets a default of 3,000,000 points.

Battle FC (2-ball Battle Multiball, Music: "Black Out" by Overload): A white ball is launched in this mode. The ball shields are raised for 30 seconds. Play proceeds exactly like the Battle FD mode, except the goal this time is 40,000,000 points, the scoring for all targets in the mode is tripled. Akina loop still scores 5,000,000 points to the ball that gets it. The mode ends when a ball drains or the goal score is reached. If the player ball ties or scores more points than the opponent ball, the player scores the points for his ball and the the opponent ball. Otherwise the player gets only the points for his own ball. If you win the Battle FC mode, the bonus will be held for the next ball.

Iroha Challenge (3-ball Battle Multiball, Music: "Gimme the Night" by Dave McLoud): This mode lites the "Iroha" Stage light. It is activated by completing C-N-9-A at the bottom of the table. The table launches two balls this time: a white one and a black one. The shields are raised for 60 seconds. The goal is to beat out both opposing balls. For each target hit, the points scored to the ball that hits the target is doubled. Additionally, if the CN9A target, the ball that hits it adds an additional 2,000,000 points. The mode ends when two balls drain. If the player's ball wins or ties, he earns the sum total of all three balls plus an additional 10,000,000 points.

Additional Modes

Autocross Challenge (Music: "Don't Need You" by Chilu): Activated by completing A-U-T-O-C-R-O-S-S. This is advanced by scoring combos of at least a 3-way. It can also be advanced if it comes up as a Mystery Award. Starting the Autocross Challenge lites the "Autocross" Stage Light. The D-Clock is set to 60 seconds, and the left/right spinner lanes, and all loops score 5,000,000 points each. Additionally, if the ball is sent all the way up each spinner ramp, 5 seconds are added onto the player's time. Once the mode ends, the player scores all points accumulated. If the player has made at least one of all five different shots, the total is also added to the end-of-ball bonus.

Legendary Racer Multiball (5-Ball Multiball, Music: "The Race Is Over" by Dave Rodgers) - This mode is available only after all the Stage Lights (All Modes Complete, D-Multiball, Iroha, and Autocross) are lit. The mode is activated after all other modes are completed and 7000 rpm is attained on the tachometer. This is a 5-ball multiball for a skilled player to show he/she is a worthy Road Racer. The mode runs until at least four balls are drained after the ball saver time expires. The following things happen during Legendary Racer Multiball:

-Field Multiplier is set to 5x
-All ID Targets score 5,000,000
-Tofu Shop kickout scores 5,000,000
-Akina Lake Kickout scores D-points (1,000,000-10,000,000)
-3x D-Jackpots for all Loops
-Extra Ball is Lit
-Special Is Lit
-Ball Shields and Ball Saver activated for 60 seconds. D-Clock shows the time remaining for the ball saver/ball shields.
-Points for this mode start at 20,000,000 points, and all scores during Legendary Racer Multiball are added to the total and saved as a special bonus when the mode ends. This total will be scored at the end of the current ball. Depending on the targets hit, this could build up to over 2 billion points in addition to the normal scoring. There is also a special Legendary Racer Champion high score you could earn, which will add 1 additional credit.
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