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Skee-Ball (Fisher Price) VP8

VP8 Flipperless Recreation Skee-Ball (Fisher Price) VP8 v1.0 2020-01-28

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by tiltjlp

Part of Fisher Prices Triple Arcade, Besides the skee ball were pinball and shoot-a-basket. I wish they'd made it back in the late 1940s.

A visit to Cincinnati's Coney Island or Middletown's beloved but closed LaSourdesville Lake wasn't complete without a visit to the Penny Arcade and some fun playing Skee Ball. You'd win tickets based on your score, and save the tickets all summer in hopes of redeeming them for a really cool prize. My problem was that I almost always lost the tickets, or maybe my brother "borrowed" them so he could get something special.

Anyway, since I can't very well pass out tickets, and I don't have tons of cheap plastic junk for prizes, I've pumped up the values of the scoring holes. To be honest, this Skee Ball game might not get a lot of repeat play, but it was fun to build, and should be fun to play a few times at least. Hope it brings back a ton of wonderful memories.

Even if you zero in on the Bullseye center cup, I'll bet you have a very hard time scoring a perfect 1,500 points. tiltjlp
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