The Peace (Bagatelle) VP9

VP9 Flipperless Recreation The Peace (Bagatelle) VP9 v1.0 2020-01-28

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By tiltjlp for VP9.

The Peace Bagatelle was suggested by Rascal, and completes my WWII Propaganda Game Collection. Rascal also found the playfield image, which is much better than the one I had found. As a former Peace Freak, Ifm disappointed I didnft think of it myself.

In keeping with the Peace Theme, you'll hear appropriate words whenever you score, spoken in one of five languages. The words are Brotherhood, Peace, Friendship, Harmony, and Respect in either English, French, German, Italian, or Spanish. I was pleasantly surprised that at least one word in all the four languages unknown to me is the same as the English word.

For pins, I used 40 reduced-size bumpers, which symbolize candles being lit for Peace. As the game starts, 3 candle bumpers are lit, which point to a doubler/add-a-ball cup. Lighting all 40 candle bumpers earns you a 40,000 point bonus. To earn the bonus you'll need not only to nudge, but also to adjust the release speed of the ball, using the up & down arrow keys.

As there are 11 nationalities represented on the playfield image, the game offers 11 balls, instead of the usual 10 of a standard bagatelle. The hidden kicker cups score 25,000, the bumpers score 250, and the hidden cups the kickers sit in score 75 per hit. While The Peace Bagatelle won't bring peace, I would hope that playing it would remind you of the need for not only world peace, but peace in ourselves.

And BTW, although I've never came close to lighting all the candles, Rascal, who tested the table for me, shortened the script with super coding did get them all lit once. He said it took a lot of nudging.
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