Transformers (Stern, 2011)

Stern SS Recreation FP Transformers (Stern, 2011) v1.06

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by rom, SLAMT1LT
at 2012-09-25
Type Recreation (real pinball)
Manufacturer Stern Pinball, Incorporated (1999-NOW), Chicago, Illinois, USA
Tradename Stern
Date 2011
IPD No. 5709

Mods of this table :

** Version 1.06 **

- fixed bug with Shoot Again that would stop the music.
- fixed Dark Energon total not displaying correct information (shows zero instead of points scored).
- added playfield shadows.
- removed Ultra Flash for better performance.

** Version 1.05 **

- fixed Blaster Canon gate not opening when Canon is ready.
- fixed Energon Total not showing at the end of game.
- fixed ball miscount during ball search.
- added more quotes.
- added a new music track to Double Scoring.
- added more LCD graphics.
- added an opening movie when the table first starts.
- added a light under Captive Ball that flashes during Double Scoring.
- reallocated some of the quotes and sound fx.
- fixed Double Scoring feature.
- improved some of the DMDs.
- plus numerous other tweaks and improvements.

** Version 1.04 **

- fixed Optimus and Megatron Multiball bug.

** Version 1.03 **

- fixed all the bugs during Sentinel Prime Mode.
- added 2 coin start.
- improved Fast Scoring Mode.
- added more quotes and sound fx.
- added light show and music for getting the highest score.
- added more LCD animations.
- added movie clip for Sentinel Prime Mode.
- improved some of the All Spark rewards.
- improved some of the timers for better game flow.
- fixed Blaster Canon so it resets to the correct angle.
- fixed ball miscount during Duel Multiball.
- fixed Extra Ball not lighting Shoot Again Light.
- removed obstruction from Left Orbit which would sometimes stop the ball.
- improved multiball modes and jackpot scoring.
- improved lighting effects.
- added 2nd and 3rd place scores to DMD during attract sequence.
- added Dark Energon Life Saver (see instructions).

** Version 1.02 **

- fixed ball getting stuck on Optimus Prime Ramp.
- fixed ball getting stuck in bumper area.
- added more quotes and sound fx.
- added a Jackpot animation to LCD Screen.
- Improved the lighting.
- added option to change difficulty at start of game.
- plus numerous other tweaks.

Mission Objective:

Whichever side you choose, your main objective is to defeat the enemy. So if you choose the Autobots, you will first have to defeat all the Decepticons before facing Sentinal Prime. When Sentinal Prime is beaten, then you play the modes for your own side. When all modes are complete, you will face Sentinel Prime again for the final showdown. The table will reset after the final showdown is complete.

Optimus Prime and Megatron Multiball:

Both Megatron and Optimus Prime Multiball Modes are activated by locking 3 balls into the Megatron Canon. Shoot the flashing lights to get the Jackpots (1M increasing by 250k with each shot) until all the lights are extinguished, then shoot Megatron and Optimus Prime for the Super Jackpots (Jackpot Value x 2).

Duel Multiball:

Duel Multiball (a FP exclusive mode) is activated when the Optimus Prime toy is hit a certain number of times. 2 balls are launched into play to start the mode. If the Megatron Kicker is hit, Megatron will clone himself using Dark Energon and fire 2 balls back at the same time (1 ball from the Canon, the other from the Kicker underneath). Hit Optimus Prime for the Jackpots (5 Million each time).

Autobots/Decepticons Modes:

Some modes have been improved over the Stern original. Bumblebee now requires you to hit the Captive Ball Car a certain number of times. Devastator Mode requires you to hit the Bumpers a certain number of times and Starscream Mode will activate the Canon Blaster and every hit to the small targets will fire the Canon. All other modes require you to hit the flashing lights. Mode progress is stored so you don't have to start again each time.

Skill Shots:

Skill Shots are the top left rollover lanes (drop the ball into the lit lane) and the kicker behind Megatron (a soft launch will make this shot). The Skill Shot value increases with each successful hit.

Multiplier X Lights:

The green 'X' lights will flash when all lights for the Decepticons or Autobots have been lit (depending on the side you're playing). Hit any flashing X light to increase the Bonus Multiplier and add Multiplier Scoring for that shot for the rest of the ball. So for instance, if the Left Ramp is hit when the green 'X' light is on, the ramp score is multiplied by the current muiltiplier.

Mudflap and Skids Fast Scoring:

Hitting the Mudflap or Skids Targets a set number of times will start Fast Scoring. For a limited time all switches on the table score 15,000 points (more if the Green X is lit). Hit the Mudflap or Skids Targets during Fast Scoring to increase the amount by 1,000 each time. The total amount scored is shown to the player at the end of the mode.

BumbleBee Captive Ball:

Hit the Captive Ball hard enough and the Toy Car will hit the Bumblebee Target. After a certain number of hits, Double Scoring is activated for a limited time.

Dark Energon Bonus:

Another FP exclusive feature is the Dark Energon Bonus. When the ball hits the kicker behind Megatron, the player is awarded an Energon Bonus which increases with each hit (starting at 25k). This value is not reset during the game so you can gather as many points as you like. At the end of the game, if you have accumulated enough Dark Energon points you will be awarded an Extra Ball and can continue playing. The Dark Energon Value is reset when the Extra Ball is awarded.

All Spark Rewards:

Hit the 3 All Spark Targets to Turn on the All Spark, then hit the All Spark Kicker when the cube is flashing for the All Spark Reward (random). During an active mode, the All Spark Kicker will add 10 seconds of time when lit.

If the ball gets stuck, tilt the table to free the ball. The table is programmed to search for any lost ball and create a new one if the lost ball is unrecoverable.
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