• Many thanks to Ian Longstaff for his lovely table roundups, posted on YT. And here is... WEEK SEVEN!

    Also, here's our browser games collection, for those who are playful.


  1. Popotte

    SS Recreation FP Superman (Atari, 1979)

    Popotte submitted a new resource from tomásaco: Superman (Atari - 1979) - Celebrities - Fictional - Licensed Theme Read more about this resource...
  2. Popotte

    SS Recreation FP Superman (Atari, 1979) v1.0 Full HD and full 4K versions

    Superman (Atari, 1979) v1 IPDB No. 2454
  3. xenonph

    VPX SS Recreation Road Runner (Atari, 1979) Sound MOD

    xenonph submitted a new resource: Road Runner (Atari, 1979) Sound MOD - Sound MOD of Kalavera's great table!! Read more about this resource...
  4. xenonph

    VPX SS Recreation Road Runner (Atari, 1979) Sound MOD v2.0

    Road Runner (Atari, 1979) SoundMOD v2.0 IPD No. 3517 I first would like to thank Kalavera for giving me permission to make this sound mod. I would also like to thank him for making a great table!! I also would like to thank TAB which Kalavera used his VP9 table to make his VPX mod. I would also...
  5. theGhost787

    VPX SS Recreation 4x4 (Atari, 1983) VPX v1.0 2020-01-28

    4x4 (Atari 1983) VPX IPD No. 3111 Here is 4x4 pinball 1.0 for Visual Pinball 10.0. Game has sound effects and has been tested. Game is for slower PC's If you want to enable all 8 playfield knock balls open scripts and remove the ' Line 1093, 1094,1095,1096. the color should change from green...
  6. D

    VP8 SS Recreation Neutron Star (Atari, 1981) VP8 v1.0 Proto 2020-01-28

    Neutron Star (Atari 1981) VP8 Proto Cambio attribuzione a Destruk Authors: Destruk, TAB IPD No. 1664
  7. G

    SS Recreation FP Middle Earth (Atari, 1978) v1.0

    Middle Earth (Atari, 1978) v1.0 by ghostmachine IPD No. 1590 Middle Earth by Atari. This has no music. That is how the original was that i saw videos of. MAY NEED TEXTURE CLEAN UP. AND ADDITIONAL SCRIPTING.
  8. E

    VP8 SS Recreation Superman (Atari, 1979) VP8 v2.0 2020-01-28

    Superman (Atari, 1979) VP8 v2.0 by Eala Dubh Sidhe IPD No. 2454 Original 1.0 build by Eala Dubh Sidhe Version 1.2 script by Neurokinetic, with Inkochnito / Gaston / Destruk Version 2.0 rebuild and script modification by Eala Dubh Sidhe RULES: Drop targets advance kick out hole to 10,000, then...
  9. T

    SS Solved Middle Earth (Atari, 1978) Outhole kicks it into Test Mode!

    I've got an Atari Middle Earth table, all works well, but as soon as the ball drains, it kicks the machine into Test Mode. Any suggestions?
  10. D

    VP8 SS Recreation Atarians (Atari, 1976) VP8 v1.3 2020-01-28

    Ash and Destruk, Version:1.3, Atari 1976, IPD No. 102
  11. D

    VP8 SS Recreation Airborne Avenger (Atari, 1977) VP8 v1.5 2020-01-28

    John Shepherd/Destruk, Version:1.5 Atari 1977 IPD No. 33
  12. D

    VP8 SS Recreation Hercules (Atari, 1979) VP8 v1.1 2020-01-28

    Eala Dubh Sidhe/Gaston/Destruk, Version:1.1, Atari 1979, IPD No. 1155
  13. D

    VP8 SS Recreation Middle Earth (Atari, 1978) VP8 v1.2 2020-01-28

    Ash/CyberYogi/Destruk/Inkochnito, Version:1.2, Atari 1978, IPD No. 1590 Rules:
  14. T

    VP8 SS Recreation Road Runner (Atari, 1979) VP8 v1.1 2020-01-28

    Aussie34/TAB/Destruk, Version:1.1, Atari 1979, IPD No. 3517 Rules:
  15. D

    VP8 SS Recreation Space Riders (Atari, 1978) VP8 v1.2 2020-01-28

    Eala Dubh Sidhe/Destruk, Version:1.2, Atari 1978, IPD No. 2258 Rules:
  16. D

    VP8 SS Recreation Time 2000 (Atari, 1977) VP8 v1.0 2020-01-28

    Eala Dubh Sidhe/Destruk, Version:1, Atari 1977, IPD No. 2567 Rules:
  17. E

    VP8 SS Recreation Superman (Atari, 1979) VP8 v1.2 2020-01-28

    Eala Dubh Sidhe/Neurokinetik/Destruk/Gaston, Version:1.2, Atari 1979, IPD No. 2454 Note from Xenonph: This table needs to be played using VP6. The display is messed up when using VP8. Find VP6.exe here...
  18. D

    VP9 SS Recreation Atarians (Atari, 1976) VP9 v1.3 [16-9] 2020-01-28

    Ash and Destruk Version:1.3 Atari 1976 IPD No. 102 ROM: https://pinballnirvana.com/forums/resources/atarianb.1534/
  19. D

    VP9 SS Recreation Airborne Avenger (Atari, 1977) VP9 v1.5 [16-9] 2020-01-28

    John Shepherd/Destruk, 16:9 Conversion maintainer Destruk Version:1.5 Atari 1977 IPD No. 33 ROM: https://pinballnirvana.com/forums/resources/aavenger.1503/
  20. D

    VP9 SS Recreation Middle Earth (Atari, 1978) VP9 v1.2 [16-9] 2020-01-28

    Ash, CyberYogi, Destruk, Inkochnito Version:1.2 Atari 1978 IPD No. 1590 RULES: ROM: https://pinballnirvana.com/forums/resources/midearth.2082/
  21. D

    VP9 SS Recreation Hercules (Atari, 1979) VP9 v1.1 [16-9] 2020-01-28

    Eala Dubh Sidhe, Gaston, Destruk Version:1.1 Atari 1979 IPD No. 1155 ROM: https://pinballnirvana.com/forums/resources/hercules.1929/
  22. D

    VP9 SS Recreation Time 2000 (Atari, 1977) VP9 v1.2 [16-9]

    Eala Dubh Sidhe/Destruk 16:9 Conversion maintainer Destruk Version:1.2 Atari 1977 IPD No. 2567 Rules: Rom: https://pinballnirvana.com/forums/resources/time2000.2487/
  23. D

    VP9 SS Recreation Superman (Atari, 1979) VP9 v1.2 [16-9] 2020-01-28

    Eala Dubh Sidhe, Neurokinetik, Destruk, Gaston Version:1.2 Atari 1979 IPD No. 2454 Rules: Rom: https://pinballnirvana.com/forums/resources/superman.2425/
  24. D

    VP9 SS Recreation Space Riders (Atari, 1978) VP9 v1.2 [16-9] 2020-01-28

    Eala Dubh Sidhe, Destruk Version:1.2 Atari 1978 IPD No. 2258 Rules: Roms: https://pinballnirvana.com/forums/resources/spcrider.2345/
  25. D

    VP9 SS Recreation Road Runner (Atari, 1979) VP9 v1.1 [16-9] 2020-01-28

    Aussie34, TAB, Destruk Version:1.1 Atari 1979 IPD No. 3517 Rules: Rom: https://pinballnirvana.com/forums/resources/roadrunr.2239/
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