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I disabled my code and tried this. Well done.
George, the aiming was off as well for me, but that is not surprising, as different models/different angles/different settings will cause that.


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Tried latest AFM version 3c.

Good news. I can, with difficulty:
  • tap pass
  • flick pass
  • post pass
How realistic is difficulty I felt, I have no idea so I rather trust people who actually play real pinball regularly on this. So... what can I say? Well done?

I do agree with GeorgeH on the physics. I would even suggest that you stop on te speedchart and bounce and look at materials. My reasoning is that flippers are working so, better look at the rest. If they stop working then something went wrong but not with the flippers.

Regarding rubber and materials, not to deviate much i'll send you a PM.


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You're right @AnonTet . Flipper are working. The difference that every one can see is the value setting that need to be fine tune.

The next step is to integrate EOS, and then working on "general" physics.

For the trick, as I play on a real fish tales, real Popeye ( an real Stargate but it's different, i will make chart for SYS 3 after ), here my feeling:
- Tap pass: seems te be good
- Flick pass: too easy for me compare to real
- Post pass: little too easy compare to real
- Drop Catch: seems to be good

But not complicated to fine tune this as your preference.


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Very simple solution. The new changes to the variable coil system, well I really like it. When released, you guys will look at it and see how it affects your set up. Try and get it out soon, you will see no problems with EOS, other than my flipper bases are too weak, but easy fix. I tried it with the rotation chart, only thing is the shots lined up slightly different (still my omega code, just no walls etc.) That is the nature of the variable coils, but that was exactly what I wanted anyway, as fpx will down the road have support built in for each flipper type, and by era, as early flippers were very weak, and over the years got stronger and stronger every 10 years or so. I think you will find that rotation charts may have to be done up for the different sizes of flippers, and not all flipper models are the same either, some have different collision models.
Still very big accomplishment. The problems down the road will be because FP just doesn't have the range of physics vpx does, there are some missing physics, and other physics look to be combined as opposed to separate, which makes things very difficult.
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