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  1. Not Registered

    Support File DMC2 2020-01-28

    Required for tables with MOD music
  2. shiva

    Support File shivaSite Pinball Image Resource Archive

    I am pleased to announce that the first major batch of images have been sorted, and are now up, and the shivaSite Image Resource Archive is now live as a beta. this is sorted into 4 main categories, and has a total of just under 6000 images for the initial upload. The Arcade section is also...
  3. R

    Support File VPLauncher Future Pinball dat file 2020-01-28

    VPLauncher Future Pinball data base file, updated 2/10/06.
  4. R

    Support File VPLauncher dat file 2020-01-28

    VPLauncher data base file for Visual Pinball, last updated 6/02/06. for use with other frontends like VP-Man as well.
  5. R

    Support File VPLauncher v3.02 2020-01-28

    VPLauncher Frontend, version 3.02 VPLauncher manages your collection of Visual Pinball and Future Pinball tables. It has data bases of tables and shows for every (known) table information like author, version, type of table etc. If a table is selected, a screenshot, the table rules and flyers...
  6. PacDude

    Support File PD Fading Light System 2020-01-28

  7. D

    Support File VBS Script Files 3.57

    These are required for ROM emulation in solid state tables. Usually they're automatically included in the all-in-one installers. As I understand it, you should unzip these scripts directly into the "Scripts" folder found in the Visual Pinball folder for newer VP versions, and in to the...
  8. D

    SS Support File PinMame and Visual PinMame 2.1 Released

    Version 2.1 (February 1, 2009) - "Keep 'em coming!" ------------------------------------------------------------------------------ OK, so six months have passed yet again - amazing how time flies. Despite the fact that all major manufaturers are emulated by now, there's still enough to do to...
  9. D


    Link > Here you are guys ! Let the bingo machine emulation begin :) To Destruk, there's a big chance I'll get the Green Diamond ones soon...
  10. shiva

    VP8 Support File Tutorial shivaengine3 template and latest build released

    Due to the lack of time I now have, I am releasing the latest build of shivaEngine3, and a very basic template for people to use. The build has several new features, but quite a few have been remarked out, as I really do not have the time anymore to be able to work on this. Please note that...
  11. D

    SS Support File Visual PinMAME v1.53 Released!

    Version 1.53 (June 1, 2006) - "GO FASTER!" ------------------------------------------------------------------------------ It's been 10 months since our last release. Every time we thought about making this available, a new issue cropped up that we couldn't resist. Just one more challenge...
  12. H

    VP8 Support File Tutorial Bagatelle template released

    Hi guys Since I have put a hold on Bert's Bag-a-Ball whilst I get all mixed up DMDs, I thought I'd release this basic template. The reason I've done this is because, well, it's a nice looking bagatelle template! Because bagatelle is all about the ball launch and the nudging, it doesn't use...
  13. bob

    VP8 Support File R Rated Gameroom Backdrop

    I was playing Monopoly and I just felt that something was missing.... I remember I spent alot of time back in the old VPFF days trying to make a gameroom backdrop. I think I was successful at the time, but I knew very little about photoshop, I'm much better now. I loaded up my pinball files to...
  14. tiltjlp

    VP8 Support File Tutorial Super Starter Kit and Super Ball Pack released

    Using 15 of my 20 starter templates, I have created fully commented demo tables, designed primarily for new authors or anyone not familiar with either flipperless, counter tops, or special feature flipperd tables. To reduce file size, I have stripped 14 tables of nearly all sounds and graphics...
  15. D

    VP8 Support File Reproduced Tables List

    Hi The latest version of the reproduced tables list - a work in progress - is now available at Pinball Nirvana. It's in the support files and tutorials section. The file is a zip file - the original is done in Excel but the file I provide is an Acrobat PDF file so anyone can read the file...
  16. tiltjlp

    VP8 Flipperless Support File Tutorial Cracker Jack Template released

    I've made a template from a simple Cracker Jack toy pin for new authors and anyone who might simply be curious how the VP Editor works. I have fully commented the script, so that you can try things out. With 10 playfield images and 3 ball images to choose from, you can learn the basics of making...
  17. PacDude

    Support File VP VBS Files V3.22 Released

    New in V3.22 (Update by PD) ------------------------------------ (Core Changes) - Outhole switch handling updated so it resets correctly with an F3 reset. This affects mostly Gottlieb System3 games (Thanks Racerxme for pointing this out) - Flipper handling modified to have a low...
  18. tiltjlp

    VP8 Support File Tutorial tiltjlp's Starter Kits Updated Once Again

    I’ve updated, as well as streamlined, both versions of my Starter Kit. Since both my Custom and Swirled Ball Packs are available for separate DL, I have removed all ball images from my kits, reducing both file sizes. Starter Kit 1 is the larger of the two, and has most of the sounds, and a...
  19. tiltjlp

    Flipperless Support File Tutorial Flipperless Starter Kit 2 Released

    For those on dial-up connections, I've released a Lighter version of my Flipperless Starter Kit. All sounds and most images have been removed, for a savings of 1.9 MB. As a plus, this version includes my Custom Ball Pack, saving you a second download. You can nab it at...
  20. tiltjlp

    Flipperless Support File Tutorial Flipperless Starter Kit Updated Again

    I have renamed my Bagatelle Starter Kit to Flipperless Starter Kit to reflect the all-inclusive template styles included. It now offers nine templates, ranging from my earliest and most basic to my latest with all the features and tricks I've learned the past three years. In it you'll find...
  21. tiltjlp

    VP8 Support File Tutorial 8 Demo Tables Added to PN

    I've added 8 more demos to the Tutorials And Support Files download section at Pinball Nirvana. These are not actually new demos, most of not all have been hosted by shivaSite in the past. With the problems that have beset shivaSite, I figured it might be a good idea to add as many demos as I...
  22. tiltjlp

    VP8 Support File Tutorial Variable Speed Plunger Demo Released

    Introducing Patrick & tiltjlp's Variable Speed Plunger Demo. By using the code in our script, you can use the 6 and 7 keys to decrease or increase strength of your plunger release. While in our demo code, the amount of change is 10, you can adjust the code to make the change larger or smaller...
  23. tiltjlp

    VP8 Flipperless Support File Tutorial Bagatelle Starter Kit Updated

    I have just updated my Bagatelle Starter Kit to include a commercial coin-op template for use in making tables with a full loop before the ball enters the playing area. A great example of this would be Bally’s 1933 Airway, which Patrick and I are currently working on. I will be getting a lot of...
  24. tiltjlp

    VP8 Flipperless Support File Tutorial Bagatelle Starter Kit Updated

    Bagatelle Starter Kit Updated With Patch’s kind permission, I have adapted his Woodie Template, which is based on one of Bendigo’s templates, into a flipperless template. I have added it to my Bagatelle Starter Kit. which now includes six templates, full documentation, and 18 custom-made...
  25. tiltjlp

    VP8 Support File Tutorial Captive ball demo

    Patrick has released a demo table that allows for Captive Balls to function as they were intended to operate. The download is small and the script is simple and easy to use. A must for any EM or even original author's working with Captive Balls. Find it in the Tutorials and Support Files...
  26. PacDude

    Support File VP VBS Files V3.21 Released

    Attached is the latest set of VBS files for VPM tables (V3.21). Additions / Changes to V3.21 ===================== -(Core Changes) - Attemped bug fix in the Impulse Plunger object that could cause weak plunges sometimes on full pulls -(System.vbs Additions) -Zac1.vbs has...
  27. PacDude

    Support File VP VBS Files 3.20 Released

    Who wanted 3.19 when we can have 3.2? This just puts the Atari2.vbs file back to the 81/83 settings while leaving the Atari1.vbs file at the v3.19 82/84 setting as they are apparently different, after all. Anyway, grab this one and overwrite....
  28. PacDude

    Support File VBS Files V3.19 Released

    Sorry for the frequent update, but this has to be released before Rob's Middle Earth table as it needs the fixed switch settings for the flippers. Changes in V3.19 ============= Atari1.vbs, Atari2.vbs and Atari.vbs now use the corrected VPM flipper numbers (82 & 84) which should allow the...
  29. PacDude

    Support File VP VBS Files V3.18 Released

    New in 3.18 ========= (System.vbs Additions) - Added Atari1.vbs and Atari2.vbs files (Thanks to Inkochnito). -The old Atari.vbs file is now obsolete, but included for backwards compatability with any existing tables that may have used it. New Tables should use the appropriate Atari1.vbs or...
  30. PacDude

    Support File VBS Files V3.17 Released

    These should be added to AJ's as well. Attached is VBS V3.17. Additions/Changes ============== (System.vbs Additions) --Fixed wrong switch definition in Sys80.vbs for the self-test switch. The operator menus should work now. (Thanks to Inkochnito for pointing it out). -Added new...
  31. PacDude

    Support File VBS Files V3.16 Released

    This is V3.16 of the VBS files for VPM tables. It includes the "BegingModal" and "EndModal" fixes for Randy's latest versions of VP. It will continue to work with VP6.1 as well. Also added is the latest VBS core to my light system which adds the reverse fade wall handlers (as used in my...
  32. Furio

    Bingo Support File Tutorial Bingo1 Tutorial

    In order to answer to the demands for aid of Hung, I have made a small tutorial, available on IRPinball Uploads. Salutes, Furio
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