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Does this help anyone?


Pinball Wizard
After playing around with the Kings and Queens playfield pic (trying to straighten/flatten it) and getting it into perspective I found I rather enjoyed the challenge.

Rob046 was kind enough to help me out with it so I thought I may be of help to someone too.

I have started going through my images and correcting the perspective etc. on some of the playfields.

I haven't fully corrected them with touching up the graphics - as yet - but I could do that too if someone wanted a particular one done.

I did make this offer before at shivas site but had no takers, but the offer stands.

Just don't expect expert work, adequate is the best I can manage I'm afraid.

Personally, I would like some of the old EM tables spruced up with some new graphics, but the whole routine seems too involved for my limited attention span.

Here are some of the playfields I have started on at the moment.


  • screenshot1.jpg
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PN co-founder
Some very nice work there Panda. The only fly in the ointment is that every single layfield image had flippers. I demand equal time, please.



Pinball Wizard
As soon as I learn how to use the eraser tool I will "rub a few of those pesky flippers out, see" (in my best Edward G Robinson voice :p )


PN co-founder
Or better yet, start with some flipperless images, or I'll send the boys around to pay you a visit, which could have been uttered by any number of gansters in countless B&W movies over the years.

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